Earning money online with sex is extremely easy on Camsoda; A fast growing, cam platform where you earn money by giving online sex chat shows. They started in 2016, but have gathered a bigger audience than comparable sites which have been around longer. Earn money on Camsoda today!


Camsoda has slightly less users and models than other cam sites we reviewed. This makes it easier to get to the first page. The site is easy to use and has a helpful support team that responds quickly to questions. This cam site is similar to Chaturbate, but is much simpler and has a way cleaner interface. Perfect for beginners!


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Register today as a CamSoda model and get paid for live webcam sex. Registration is quick and easy. Get paid working from home. Be your own boss, work your own hours and only do the things on cam that you want. Have fun chatting with people and showing yourself on cam. Privacy features allow you to block regions, making chances of running into someone you know truly small.

Heard enough? Then you can register right away! Would you like to have some more background info? Then scroll down for a more extensive review and how-to guide!

Camsoda Top Tip for Beginners: The ranking of your profile on the homepage is based on the special ‘Camsoda CamScore’. Unlike many other sites, this is based on ‘user ratings’ instead of ‘total earnings’. This gives new models a great chance to rank high as well. All you have to do is have fun with your viewers, and be grateful if you get tips! 


This is your ultimate ‘how to be a camgirl on Camsoda’ guide! Below you’ll find absolutely everything you need to know before joining Camsoda. Follow these steps and you’ll earn money in no-time!


Broadcasting on Camsoda is quick and easy. Everyone can do it really. Women, men, trans, couples. You are all welcome! After you have created your account, log in, click on ‘Stream Live’ in the menu bar, allow the browser to turn on your webcam, set a number of details for your broadcast (what visitors can expect and what your prices for private messages, private shows, etc. are), write a welcome text for the visitors who come into your chat and finally press ‘Broadcast’. Yes, you are now live and you can get money for sex!


Make sure your microphone is on so visitors can hear you speak. Be polite and greet everyone who comes into your chat room. Tease your attendees to make them tip for special request and always thank them out loud by saying their name! Make sure you respond quickly to Private Messages, or send a Private Message to visitors with Tokens yourself. In addition, it is always useful to have completed your Profile Information. Your public profile is available to everyone who visits the site and is located in a region or country which is not on your blacklist. Add links to your social media (Twitter, Vine, Facebook, Instagram etc …). Encourage your fans to follow and post you on Twitter when you go online. Sell panties, custom videos, and add your Amazon wishlist to your bio profile. In addition, use your bio for fun things you want to talk to your fans about, you can tell them everything you want them to know about you (don’t tell too many personal things, you don’t want them to be able to find out your real name!).


Camsoda currently has more than 1 million visitors per day. It is quite a high figure that smaller local sites can only dream about. The number is increasing every day, so you don’t have to worry about whether there’s a big enough audience. By tagging your broadcast, viewers can more easily find what they are looking for. Are you giving a “toy show”? Put the #toy tag in your description. Are you giving a “squirt show”? Add #squirt! Camsoda itself does a lot of marketing, so it generally doesn’t take long before you have visitors in your chat room! Of course it always helps if you also let people know on your socials that you are broadcasting live.


Just like BongaCams (a very comparable site), Camsoda also likes to work with a “Cam Score”. The higher your score, the higher your ranking on their website. Your CamScore is made up of 3 types of “customer reviews”:

  • Overall Rating: Ratings from users who have given you more than 25 tokens in the “free chat”.
  • Private Rating: Private show user ratings.
  • Golden Ticket Show Rating: User ratings from members that visited a Golden Ticket Show.

The higher the rating, the better. And you probably already guessed how to get a high rating .. Give a really sexy show! Did you receive Tokens? Be grateful and show your love for the generous giver (and your tits, that helps too, of course). This is one of the best systems for beginner models, since it is not only the higher earning models that get high rankings, but it is really about whether you can give your viewers a high quality show and a good time! If you do that, you will certainly get a good rating, and thus more viewers. You can see your rating on your personal broadcast page.


  • Free Chat; Everyone can enter your chat room for free in the ‘public chat’, yet also every visitor can tip you to show appreciation or for special requests. At the start of your show, you can set a “goal”, including a description of what viewers can expect when that goal is reached. For example: for 1000 Tokens ($ 50) you’ll give a DildoShow with Squirt. Then all visitors can “work together” to help you achieve that goal. If only 1 attendee would have to pay $ 50 for this, it would be a difficult sell. Now 20 visitors can put in $ 2.5 or even 50 visitors just $ 1 to enjoy your performance!
  • Private Show; In a Private Show you go one-on-one with one of your viewers. In addition, people can “spy” on the show. They can watch, but not chat with you. Of course they have to pay for being a voyeur! As a CamSoda Model you will receive $ 0.05 per token. You can increase or decrease the rates (token / min) for the Private Shows yourself.The default price settings are as follows:
  • Show Type Tokens / Min Earnings Model
  • Private 30 Tokens / Min $ 1.50 / Min
  • Spy 12 Tokens / Min $ 0.60So are you doing a private show with the default settings, and there’s 4 people spying on your show? Then you will receive $ 3.90 per minute ($ 1.50 + $ 0.60 + $ 0.60 + $ 0.60 + $ 0.60).
  • Do you choose to charge more for your private shows? You can set the prices yourself! Take the example below for example:
  • Show Type Tokens / Min Earnings Model
  • Private 90 Tokens / Min $ 4.50 / Min
  • Spy 12 Tokens / Min $ 0.60
  • In this case, in a private show with 4 people secretly watching, you would make $ 6.90 per minute ($ 4.50 + $ 0.60 + $ 0.60 + $ 0.60 + $ 0.60).
  • By default, private shows cannot be downloaded by the member. Do you want your show to be recorded so that the visitor can download it? Turn this on in your privacy settings. If you enable members to download the private show they had with you, you can certainly increase your per minute rate for private shows. Most of the models are very busy in the free chat and that’s where most of their earnings are generated. Going private with one member can be a favor to this lucky member. Letting the member download the show is then another good way to show him that you really care and that the increased fee for the Private Show is justified.
  • Golden Ticket Show; If you don’t want to work with any token goals in the free public chat, this is a good alternative! You simply set an entrance fee to be paid to watch the stream and you can set a countdown timer so that everyone knows when the show starts and how long they have left to buy their tickets!
  • Get paid for Private Messaging; Go to your profile settings to set the price for receiving PM’s (private messages) from members.


Camsoda has weekly payouts; Every Thursday they will wire your earnings from the week before (Monday to Sunday. These weekly payouts either go through Paxum or by check. Paxum has a minimum payout of $ 20. It is also possible to opt for direct bank transfer, but the costs can be quite high. In addition, it can take up to 5 days for the money to be in your account, and you must have at least $500 to be able to choose for a bank transfer. So we suggest you open a Paxum account.


On average, about 65% of all the money a visitor pays goes to you. You receive $ 0.05 per token, which equates to a payout of about 50-55%. However, the actual payout is considerably higher when you consider that Camsoda often gives out free tokens to members, which they can use in your show (and for which you will get actual money of course!)! In addition, a visitor can buy a large Token Package, making it cheaper for him. For you however, a token will always be worth $ 0.05! Don’t forget that Camsoda also pays the Credit-Card company, Hosting, Support, their own staff, etc. etc. And if you also include the high bonuses and prize money, you get over 80-85% of all turnover. Not bad right?

Start earning money today!


On Camsoda you have several options to earn extra pocket money:

  • Prize money: As a Camsoda Model you automatically participate for the prize money! They have 3 different Bonuses; daily, weekly and monthly. In total, they give away a “small” $ 25.000 in prize money every month. Every day you have a chance to win one of the 3 prizes, based on the highest number of Tokens per hour. First place gets $ 200, second place $ 125 and third place gets $ 75. You get a new chance to win every single day! Each week, the model who has earned the most Tokens will receive an extra $ 2000. Have you earned the most in the entire month? Then you will receive an extra $ 3000!
  • Sell ​​your snapchat: You can request tokens for selling your Snapchat. This is a great way to earn money and stay connected to your fans. Through snapchat you can give your fans a unique glimpse into your life and let them know when you go live. This way you build a better bond, which will result in more Tokens!
  • Health insurance bonus: Camsoda likes all their models to be healthy. They know how expensive health insurance can be, so they offer the “CamSoda Wellness Program”. Camgirls & Boys who are still active at CamSoda after 6 months are eligible for this bonus. Do you have a gross income between $ 3,500 – $ 6,999 per month and can you provide proof that you pay for health insurance? Then you will receive a monthly bonus of $ 65. Models who have a gross income of at least $ 7,000 per month receive a monthly bonus of $ 125.
  • Sell videos/pictures: You can upload a video or photo to camsoda.com that will be added to your profile. You can make these available to users at a fixed price to unlock and view them. There is no specific requirement for the format of these videos. Camsoda.com will automatically convert it to the best format for the Internet. Note: Videos containing copyrighted music will be asked to have the music removed. You also have the option to upload photo albums and make them available for sale on your page. Once again, the price is entirely up to you. This is great to have available for your fans to buy online or on the go. All uploaded content must first be reviewed by the compliance team.


  • Use their Tip-App, it’s truly handy! You can find it near the subject line at the top of your broadcast screen. There are 2 different settings:
  • Auto-reset tipping goal: if you want to achieve smaller goals several times in a row, for example: every goal I achieve I take off a piece of clothing. Or, as soon as the goal is reached 5x, the sex toys come on the table!
  • Tip Menu: This is actually your “menu”. Attach a certain price to everything you do. Make sure your “menu items” are clearly defined so that visitors know exactly what to expect.
  • Make use of handy “shortcuts“:
  • You can ban an annoying user from your chat at any time by typing “/ ban username”
  • You can simply undo a “ban” by typing “/ unban username”.
  • You can add a user to a Golden Ticket Show for free by typing “/ add username”.
  • Clear your entire chat history by typing “/ clear”.
  • Broadcast via the Mobile Application. You can do this anywhere you want. Exciting for both you and your visitors! Make sure that no one else is visible on Cam who is not verified as a Model in your account.
  • Add an Amazon Wish List to your profile, and you can receive real presents from visitors, without them knowing where you live!
  • Turn a member you trust into a moderator for a day or for a periode of 6 months. A moderator can help you enforce the rules in your chat room so that everyone keeps it fun and polite!


Is Camsoda Safe - Camsoda Privacy Tips

  • The privacy and well-being of models is extremely important to Camsoda. Becoming a webcam model is made as safe as possible and they have several checks and balances in place to secure your privacy. You can block different locations and you may appear on cam anonymously. This way you prevent your neighbor from recognizing you. A number of useful privacy tips are:Don’t use your real name, choose a new name that will be your new online identity. Make sure it is unique and memorable.
  • Don’t tell viewers your real birthday, it is safer to keep this information private.
  • Do not state your real location / city directly on your profile.
  • Never let someone directly transfer something to you.
  • Be very careful when someone asks for your Skype address. The smart ones know how to find out your true identity via your Skype address. So just stay on the Camsoda platform!

What is not allowed on Camsoda?

  • Camsoda aims to keep its platform fun for everyone. There are a number of rules that you must adhere to when you broadcast live on Cam. Below is a brief summary of unacceptable behavior, which may lead to removal from the site:No one should appear on Cam who is not verified.
  • Minors / children / babies etc. may not be in the same room. Underage / teen role games are also not allowed.
  • Rape or violent role-playing is not allowed.
  • You are not allowed to go to the bathroom with your WebCam or urinate on cam.
  • Drugs, alcohol, narcotics or being drunk on cam is out of the question.
  • Sexual or provocative contact between family members is not allowed.
  • Sexual or provocative contact between a person and animal is not allowed.
  • Sleeping is not allowed
  • Fisting is not allowed (bummer ;-)! This is allowed on Cam4 and Chaturbate)
  • Prostitution, escort, or meet-ups are a no-go.
  • Anything that could be considered fraud is prohibited.
  • Don’t do anything illegal.
  • Anything that could be considered lewd and dangerous is prohibited.
  • Using the platform for harassment or hate speech is not allowed.
  • Don’t broadcast content to which you are not the owner.



On Camsoda you completely determine your own working hours. Work from home, or somewhere outside, it doesn’t matter. You can always stop if you don’t like it. Moreover, you never have to do anything you’re not into, you decide for yourself what to show and which sexual actions to perform.

Concluding, Camsoda has one of the highest payouts in the industry, making this a great platform to earn a lot of money per hour. Camsoda really cares about the safety and well-being of models, you truly notice this in everything they do. You can sell videos and photos, and all of your material is automatically DMCA protected. This means that it is protected against copyright infringement and piracy. Do you also want to be discreet? Don’t worry, their advanced geo-blocking system ensures your anonymity! With a very fair system to get your webcam high on the main page, even if you don’t have that much experience, makes this a great place to start off your career as a camgirl!

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Earning money online with sex is extremely easy on Camsoda; A fast growing, cam platform where you earn money by giving online sex chat shows. They started in 2016, but have gathered a bigger audience than comparable sites which have been around longer. Earn money on Camsoda today!

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