LiveJasmin is by far the number 1 webcam site of the world. Especially if you’re a more experienced performer, you can make a lot of money with sex as a LiveJasmin model! Sign up today and earn big money with sex by giving private shows.


With many different show types and commission structures, this might not be the easiest cam site to start on, but it is definitely the one where you can earn the most money. That being said, LiveJasmin is by far the best cam site for the experienced cam model. Have you mastered every trick of temptation? Then you’ll be able to earn a lot of money on LiveJasmin!


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LiveJasmin is by far the Number 1 Cam Site of the entire sex industry. It is, however, a cam site that is most suitable for the more experienced cam models. With payouts that can reach as much as 80% of total profits, it is possible to receive the highest payout in the adult industry on LiveJasmin.

Are you a rooky and are you up for a challenge? You are more than welcome to just give it a try. There’s no obligations whatsoever. Registration is completely free and you are your own boss completely! Looking for an easier pay per minute site to start on? Then we suggest you give XCams a try. Looking for a Token site? try Cam4!

LiveJasmin Top Tip for Beginners: LiveJasmin helps new models by giving them a little push in the right direction. In your account you will see a “Promotion Period Countdown”, this is the period you will have the “new performer” status on the website. The advantage of having the ‘new status’ is that members get a discount from LiveJasmin to chat with you. Of course you will be paid the normal price. The discount to the visitors is fully financed by LiveJasmin. This gives you the opportunity to build your own fan base. As long as your Promotion Period is running, you will also be ranked higher on the homepage.
Next to that, you’ll be able to get a Welcome Bonus! Enjoy higher earnings in your first two periods as a LiveJasmin model, right after your signup date. 1 period accounts for 14 days. Periods run from the 1st-14th, 15th-28th and 29th-12th. Did you sign up on the 12th? Then you’ll participate in the bonus starting from the 15th. Did you sign up on the 3rd? Then your first period will start on the 15th as well. Please make sure you meet the following requirements:
Be online for 100 hours during your first period to receive a 30% bonus at the end of your first period
Be online for another 100 hours during your second period to receive a 50% bonus at the end of the second period
If you were not able to reach 100 hours in your 1st period, you can still get a 30% bonus in your second period by being online at least 100 hours!


This is your ultimate ‘how to be a camgirl on LiveJasmin’ guide! Below you’ll find absolutely everything you need to know before joining LiveJasmin. Follow these steps and you’ll earn money in no-time!


First you’ll need to “Download JasminCam” and install the special LiveJasmin cam software. You’ll find this when you’re logged into your model account. Using their special camming software is highly recommended as it helps provide a smoother and HD stream. It also enables you to broadcast with two model accounts at the same time!

Don’t worry, you can also decide against downloading and installing software onto your computer, and just start a broadcast from your browser. For real succes though, the JasminCam software is definitely the best choice.

Before you go live, we suggest you fill out your profile with some unique and personal information (remember never to share data that gives visitors the possibility of finding out your true identity). Also indicate the things you’re into, and don’t like that much. This way members can find you more easily. They can search for the services you provide and that way they know what to expect when to take you into a private session. It is very important to keep your profile up-to-date, so that you can avoid misunderstandings with paying visitors.


Your profile image is by far one of the most important tools for getting a visitors’ attention. The more professional your profile picture, the faser visitors will click on your profile. The more visitors you have in your room, the better your ranking on the site will be. More visitors in your room means increased chances of getting a private session. In addition to an attractive profile picture, it is also extremely important to make a number of free videos and upload them under “Free Content” on your profile. Here you’ll be able to tease visitors and tell them something about yourself. Mind that you are not allowed to appear naked in these free videos. This is only allowed within your “Premium Content” section, for which visitors will have to pay to get access to.


LiveJasmin spends a lot of money on promoting their website, so you don’t have to worry about getting people to the site. Make sure you have filled out your bio and indicated which sexual performances you are willing to do on cam. Visitors will then be able to find you using the search function. Of course it never hurts to do some marketing of your own. As soon as you go live, send a message on Twitter for example with a link to your Chatroom. Use your personal “referral link” for this. If a member signs up after having clicked on your link, you will receive a whopping 20% of ALL his purchases for life! Not bad huh?!


Contrary to the Token Sites (Cam4), LiveJasmin does not work with tips but is centered around Private Shows where you get paid per minute (much like XCams). The first is the ‘Freechat’. In Free Chat mode, everyone can enter and chat with you for free. The aim of this free chat is to persuade visitors to start a Private Chat or VIP Show.

  • Free Chat; In the free chat you’ll be able to talk to and persuade visitors to start a Private Chat with you. In FreeChat mode you’re not allowed to go naked. That is only reserved for the PriveChat.
  • Private Chat; Start a Private Show with one of your viewers and give a special broadcast just for him!
  • VIP Show; This is pretty much similar to the Group Show we know from Chaturbate and Cam4. You can set a Credit Goal you would like to achieve before starting the VIP Show. During the “Pre-VIP Show” (the time you spend in your Free Chat before your VIP Show starts) you can persuade visitors to buy a ticket for your VIP-Show. As soon as your goal is reached, your show starts automatically. Only viewers who have given Credits can enjoy your Show!
  • Cam2Cam; In Cam2Cam you can actually get to see your visitor, the guy or woman on the other end! Use this feature to get to a climax together. The great thing about this feature is that you’ll get 2 $ per minute on top of your normal rate!
  • LiveJasmin Messenger; Use the LiveJasmin Messenger App to communicate with your fans through text messages. You have the ability to send photos and videos, to which you put a price tag yourself. Your friend on the other end will see that you want to send him a horny photo or video, but must first accept the amount to be paid. Once he does, you’ll get paid for your footage, and he can enjoy your special gift to him!


Under Period Statistics in your Performer Dashboard you get an overview of how much you have been online and how much you have earned in the past period. Your total earnings are broken down by show type. In your Performer Dashboard you can also see your total stats since your first broadcast.

Payouts take place twice a month. To be eligible for a payout, you have to have at least $100 in your account. If you don’t, your earnings will be carried over to the next period. So no worries, you won’t lose any earnings!

The first payout period runs from the 1st-15th, this payout will then be on your bank account by 10th of the following month. The earnings for the 16th-31st of the month will be transferred by the 25th of the following month. Payments are made a few days before the official payment dates to ensure everyone receives their money on time.

If you can’t wait for these periods, you can also request a payment directly. You will have to pay a fee of 1% of the total payout amount. This fee will have a minimum of $5 and a maximum of $150, which will be the case if you want to directly cash out $15,000! Something LiveJasmin pays on a regular basis to their top models!

You can choose from different payment methods; get paid by MasterCard® card, bank transfer, a paper check (not recommended outside the US) or to an e-wallet account such as Paxum, Directa24, Skrill, WebMoney or ePayService. For models in Europe, Paxum is often the fastest and cheapest option. Of course you can always opt for the direct bank transfer, but you will have to have earned at least $500 to be able to choose that method. The costs of a direct bank transfer are also quite manageable on LiveJasmin for just $5!


As is true for all other cam sites as well, it really depends on how much time and energy you are putting into this. However, if you really want to make a full-time job out of camming, LiveJasmin will be your number 1 go to platform. Simply because LiveJasmin has the best payout rates for more experienced and high earning models. They base your income on a level-dependent payment system, which gives you the ability to increase your income without increasing your per minute rates towards visitors. In other words, you can get higher payouts from LiveJasmin by being online more. Your commission income will therefore vary. The higher your ‘level’, the higher the commission you will receive. At the beginning of each period, your level will be reset to “Aspiring”. In the table below you will find the 6 levels and the corresponding commission percentages. Keep in mind that good video and audio quality are also prerequisites for achieving the below percentages.

The left column of the table shows everything that’ll count towards increasing your ‘LiveJasmin level’. The things in the right column will not increase your level, although they will of course have an impact on your total earnings. Reach the highest level and you will receive up to 80% of all earnings!

Check your personal dashboard to see the status of your account, so you always know how high your commission is at that specific time. Of course you can also use LiveJasmin’s special Webcam Income Calculator to get an indication of how much you can earn when you start working on LiveJasmin: 


On LiveJasmin you have several options to earn extra pocket money:

  • Prize money: Each week, $10.000 will be distributed based on member votes, to the TOP 100 Models. If you get enough votes, you can win big prizes.
  • In addition, LiveJasmin regularly has extra competitions and promos. They will for example encourage you to create a video in a certain theme. The best videos are up for some big prize money.
  • Referral link: Share your personal link and refer new customers to the site. Once you do so, you’ll receive 20% of ALL this member’s expenses! There is no limit on how many people you can get to sign up, and there is no limit on how much you can earn this way! If you get enough people to sign up, it might well be the case that you earn enough from referrals and you won’t even have to perform live on cam anymore!
  • Two-Way Audio: Turn on Two-Way Audio and make it possible for a visitor to talk back to you. Keep in mind that a happy member is a returning member and this feature will improve the quality of your shows. A friendly and warm conversation can work wonders and will certainly create a comfortable and memorable feeling. Moreover, with this function you can increase your income by up to 2 dollars / minute!
  • Go Cam2Cam: You can also earn an extra 2$ per minute with the Cam2Cam chat. In Cam-to-Cam you can also see the visitor, and you can really climax together!
  • Create several erotic videos and take some sexy pictures. Upload these to your “Premium Content Area”. Subsequently, visitors can become your ‘Fan’, and pay every 2 weeks to get access to these photos and videos.
  • Let LiveJasmin promote you: Allow LiveJasmin to use some of your videos for promotional purposes! LiveJasmin will do marketing for you, by uploading your videos to a number of high traffic websites. They will add a link to your room when doing so. So sit back and watch your videos reach a global audience, generating even more traffic.



  • Do you want LiveJasmin to advertise your chat room and get extra traffic for free? Go to “Erotic Teasers” in your profile and upload a number of videos in which you perform some horny acts. The LiveJasmin Promo team can then use your video on websites such as Pornhub to advertise your chat room! Someone who clicks on the advertisement will go directly to your profile.
  • Do you want to turn a certain member into a fan, without having to lower your prices for everyone? Use the Private Chat Discount to turn visitors into paying and returning fans! This feature enables you to get more private shows by giving a special discount to a specific member only. Use this tool to discount up to 50% off the cost per minute of the private show. This way everyone sees your normal price, except for the one visitor that you would like to persuade to privately chat with you.
  • Keep track of the members that had a private paid chat with you in your stats section. Haven’t heard from a specific member in a while? Send them a message! You can also offer that person a temporary discount. I’m sure he’ll come back running!
  • LiveJasmin members can send you a “virtual gift”, called ‘surprises’, just like we know from Cam4. An image will appear in your chat (for example a bouquet of roses) with the amount of
  • Credits received. Unfortunately, there are a number of visitors who only type the text in your chat, for example: “You just received a surprise of 10 Credits”. If you don’t see an image, that person is trying to fool you!
  • Earn a minimum of $300 for 2 consecutive periods and your account will receive the “protected” status. This means you never have to worry about a payment that went wrong. LiveJasmin will pay for the charges and simply pay out again.


Do you need to have the looks of a fashion model?

Everyone can sign up to become a LiveJasmin model and start broadcasting within 3 hours after the application (mind though that you need to be 18+). In the past couple of years, LiveJasmin has paid their top 3 performers over $6 Million in total. That’s $ 2 million per model! Please don’t expect to earn such figures yourself anytime soon. Also mind that, most performers on LiveJasmin have lots of experience as a camgirl and some are even full-time pornstar. Even though earning a million may be out of reach for now, earning around $1000-2000 is definitely possible if you put in the time and effort. This is really a cam site full of professional models. That is what the LiveJasmin audience is used to and what the visitors expect to see. But, don’t let that demotivate you! LiveJasmin also includes a very well-attended “Amateur” section, so you can absolutely start your journey to “becoming a pornstar” on LiveJasmin! And since becoming a model is free, why not take the chance?

Does it cost money to become a LiveJasmin Model?

As a model you can use the LiveJasmin platform completely free of charge. The JasminCam software, which you can use to improve the quality of your Stream, is also completely free. Since you don’t have to pay anything at all to become a LiveJasmin Model, you can just give it a go and see if this cam platform is something for you. If you don’t like it, you can easily delete your account. No strings attached!

Is LiveJasmin Safe - LiveJasmin Privacy Tips

LiveJasmin’s first and foremost goal is to keep you safe. This means they will go to great lengths to protect your data and secure your privacy. Just like on other sexcam sites you can easily block certain countries as well. This way you avoid running into someone you know or might know you. To keep it safe and fun, you can also add “forbidden words” to your room. Words on this list won’t be visible. Note, however, if the member’s message contains a forbidden word, the entire message will not be displayed in the chat. So, be careful when adding words to this blacklist.

Another nice feature LiveJasmin offers is their protection against unexpected problems with earnings and payouts. This means that you don’t have to worry about any problems with earnings or payments that are out of your control. If you achieve the “Famous” status in the tier-dependent payment system for two consecutive periods (that means you have to earn at least $300 twice in a row), all your earnings will be automatically protected. You’ll keep this status forever, unless you do something that is against their rules.



Why should you become a webcam model on LiveJasmin? LiveJasmin is by far the Number 1 Webcam Site in the World. It is, however, a Sexcam Site that is more suitable for the more experienced cam models. With many different commission structures (percentages of the profit you get paid) and the many different ways you can make money, it is really useful if you already have a little more experience. That being said, if you get the hang of this platform, you have reached the highest level possible of being a Camgirl; with payouts that can be as high as 80%, you are going to get the highest in the sex industry on LiveJasmin. So why not give it a try? It is free and there are no strings attached!

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