Stripchat is an international cam site where you get paid for sex chatting. This cam site is popular with both its visitors and performers. Not a big surprise, since they have one of the best payout rates in the live sex cam industry! Go live for thousands of viewers and get paid for sex!


Stripchat has one of the easiest platforms and highest payouts in the industry. They have all the functionalities you expect and require as a camgirl to make good money. Nifty features that make your life easier (such as automatic bots) and great integration with toys such as OhMiBod, Kiiroo and Lovense.


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Would you like to become a Camgirl on Stripchat? On ‘Get Money For Sex’ you’ll find all the information you need! Stripchat is one of the fastest growing webcam sites. That can easily be explained because StripChat hands over more than 60% of their turnover to you! A much higher percentage than most of the competition.

Stripchat Top Tip for Beginners: New Stripchat models get boosted on the homepage for a whopping 2 weeks! This means that you’ll appear as a new performer in the top row of their index page. With the “NEW” tag your profile will stand out, and visitors are more likely to go into your room to get to know you. So make sure you make good use of this, in your first two weeks, be online as much as possible!


This is your ultimate ‘how to be a camgirl on Stripchat’ guide! Below you’ll find absolutely everything you need to know before joining Stripchat. Follow these steps and you’ll earn money in no-time!


Once your account has been verified, you can start broadcasting! It may take up to 48 hours for Stripchat to review your data, most of the time they’re way quicker though. In the meantime, make sure you walk through a number of useful settings under “My Profile”. Go to “My Details” to indicate what visitors can expect from your shows (On other sites these are the “hashtags”). Select the actions you perform in all types of shows and also the ones you perform exclusively in Private / Cam2Cam shows. Think for example of “Squirt”, “Sex toys”, “Oil”, “OhMiBod”, “Anal”, etc. You can set a “Offline Status” message which visitors will see when they visit your profile while you are offline. Make sure to add the time and date of your next show! In addition, you can enter your private show prices. You can deviate from the standard prices, but we recommend trying the standard prices first. As soon as you have mastered the platform you can start experimenting with setting different prices! Also include a cover photo to your profile. Have you been approved? Great! Press the button to go live and you can see your Broadcast Panel, where you can adjust specific settings for your Show:


Tell users what special performance will take place in your public chat room; e.g. “Squirt show and anal”. Set a reasonable target amount that’s not too difficult to reach so everyone can contribute by tipping. Once the goal has been reached… it’s showtime!


Describe the theme or topic of your show and make certain announcements. Simply share everything you want your attendees specifically to know for your show.


Add up to 15 custom tip options for all the activities you perform live on cam, and tag them with the price you want for each, so users know upfront how much to pay for what. This is an interactive menu, a user can therefore select the activity they want you to perform and automatically pay for it. You will receive a notification of which menu option has been paid for!


Stripchat supports the connection of Lovense and Kiiroo devices, so in this panel you can connect your Toy to the website according to the instructions given there. Set the reaction time and vibration level and let your interactive toys respond directly to the tips you receive!


I bet you think, how on earth will I get viewers with so many other models out there? How do I compete with them? How do I stand out? The great thing though about the internet is, that you don’t need to. You will stand out as long as you are staying true to yourself. The rest will follow, especially because Stripchat uses a smart algorithm to show their users cams they think they will like, based on past behaviour and certain settings. There are so many different kind of viewers, that there’s always someone out there looking to find YOU! And don’t forget that starting off as a new camgirl, will be quite the journey. Take your time to build a fanbase, and find out what you like doing. If you radiate the fact that you’re having fun, that will attract viewers who will get back to you. This won’t happen in 1 single day. But hard work pays off, especially as a camgirl. Because your fanbase will only get bigger and bigger!


Fortunately, with Stripchat you don’t have to do much marketing of your own. The great thing about the platform is that they have a huge number of website visitors, and they spend a lot of money in additional marketing activities to attract new people to the site. What you ca do however, is doing your best to get a high “StripScore”, which will rank you higher on the StripChat index page! Your StripScore is mostly based on your revenue per hour. The higher it is, the higher you will be on the site. That’s easy to say of course, but …


  • Make sure you have a HD webcam, a fast internet connection, and a microphone (the one in your webcam or laptop is fine).
  • In addition, it is useful to grow your number of followers and favorites. Broadcast regularly and this will grow organically. It is best broadcast according to a fixed schedule, so your visitors always know when to find you online.
  • Complete your profile! Add a short biography, and upload some horny pictures and erotic videos!
  • Use the “Tip Widget”, in which you put together your “menu” of all the actions you perform live on cam for what amount of tokens.
  • And finally? Use interactive sex toys that your visitors can control! This causes a steady stream of great extra income.
  • But most importantly? Make good use of those first 2 weeks in which you get the “NEW” status. In these two weeks it is really easy to build your StripScore.



  • Free Chat; Members can tip you tokens during your public and ‘free’ broadcast. Everyone can join your room and give tokens for their appreciation or if they have special requests. Most Stripchat Models earn most money with sex in this show type.
  • Private Shows; A viewer who is watching your public show can request to go one on one in a private show. By default, this will cost the visitor 24 tokens ($ 1.20) per minute. However, you can change this price in your profile settings and lower it to 16 or raise it to as much as 120 Tokens per minute! It is always up to you to either approve or decline a private show request. Sometimes it is not wise to do so, especially not when your public show is on fire, it’s raining tips, and theres lots of viewers in your room! If you do decide to accept the request, you’ll give a special show accessible to that member only. The private show can be ended at any time, either by you or your client.
  • Voyeurs/Spies; During your private show you can earn extra money from viewers peeking into your private show. This feature allows other members to spy on a private show by paying a standard price of 8 tokens ($ 0.40) per minute. You can adjust the height of this price if you want to. These Voyeurs cannot comment or demand requests. If they have enough Tokens in their account, they can watch as long as they want. Are they out of Tokens? Then they can buy more and continue, or they are automatically removed from your room. Since you give that private show anyway, it is an easy way to earn some extra money, so make sure to allow spies in your private show settings. Moreover, if you do so, your cam will show up under the ‘spy’ tag on the Stripchat website, so viewers who are into being a voyeur can easily find you. There’s no limit to the amount of viewers who can join your room as a spy.
  • Cam2Cam; Cam2Cam is very similar to the private show, however in Cam-to-Cam you also get to see the viewer. By default, this is $ 1.60 per minute. You can also change this price, and set it from 32 to 120 tokens per minute. Again, any visitor who has tokens can request a Cam2Cam Show, but it is up to you to decide whether to accept it. Cam2Cam is an exciting option that gives a whole new dimension to camming. You’ll get to know your visitor in a very intimate way. Cam-to-Cam is often a great way to build a great customer relationship with someone.
  • Group Show; This is almost like a private show, but with an unlimited group of people who can participate. You determine the price that visitors pay per minute. Let them know if the show starts immediately or in 10 minutes and get ready for the fun.
  • Ticket Show; This is very similar to the group show, but instead of setting your rate per minute, you now set a fixed price that users have to pay. You specify in advance your price, what they can expect, and how long the show will last.
  • Private Chat; In addition, it is possible that customers to send you private messages. An easy way to earn some extra cash. And as with all show types, head over to your settings to adjust prices!


All earnings can be directly transferred to your bank account. If you rather get paid through Paxum or any other payment method, that’s not an issue. Stripchat has the most payment methods available, so simply choose the one that you like most! You can receive payments via Paxum, COSMOpayment, ePayService, ACH / Direct Transfers, Checks, Bitcoin / Cryptocurrencies, International Wire Transfers and EUR Bank Transfer (SEPA). By the way, all payout methods are completely free and are performed automatically on Tuesdays. Only bank transfers take place 1x every 2 weeks, also on Tuesdays. Stripchat is super reliable, it almost never happens that it takes them any longer to wire your money!


It is very hard to predict how much you’ll earn exactly. This entirely depends on how much effort you put into your sexjob. StripChat is a large internationally known website so you can at least be sure that there are enough visitors willing to spoil you with tips. One token is worth $ 0.05 to you. There are definitely models out there that easily earn between $2500-3500 a month. But mind that these performers go live almost every single day for at least 3 to 4 hours. Will you soon earn more than these models? Start today!


On Stripchat you have several options to earn extra pocket money:

  • Prize money: Stripchat gives away a whopping $ 20.000 in prize money every single month. A crazy big prize pot! Every model has a chance to win bonus money every 3 hours. You can receive this up to 8 times a day based on the amount of tokens you earned. At the end of the month, the top 100 models, broken down by category Girls, Men & Trans, will receive cash prizes. 1st place receives a very nice bonus of up to $ 1.000!
  • Sell videos/pictures: Make more money and generate a passive income by uploading erotic photo and video albums and selling them to your viewers. Whether you are online or offline, users can purchase your photos and sex videos at all time – this is a fun and easy extra way to make some extra money. Create as many albums as you want with different names and price tags!
  • Referral link: Increase your earnings by letting friends and acquaintances sign up as a new user. Share your personal referral link (which can be found in your profile) and receive a 20% bonus on purchases made by the referred customer. These bonuses are updated every 24 hours and displayed in your token history as a total token amount of all referred members.
  • Record private shows: You have the option to record your private shows and save them in your video gallery. If you choose to publish them, you can do so under a paid video status which will allow you to make some extra money selling this video.
  • FanClub: Earn extra money by setting up a Fan Club. This is a subscription service that you can turn on at any time to receive monthly passive income from loyal fans. Very similar to the Fanclub on Cam4.


  • As soon as you receive a tip in the public “free chat”, you will hear a sound. These sounds vary according to the number of Tokens given: 1-10 tokens, 11-49 tokens, 50-99 tokens, 100-199 tokens, 200-499 tokens, 500-999 tokens and 1000+ tokens. All tip heights have a unique sound. You can use this to configure an OhMiBod Toy. If the toy picks up a certain sound, it will vibrate. The more Tokens that are given, the more intense the vibration! This is a great way for viewers to be in total control of your sex toy!
  • On Stripchat, visitors’ usernames can be assigned one of the following statuses: Gray, Green, Former-Green, and Gold. Which color you see depends on the number of Tokens
  • Gray: These are visitors who have never bought tokens before. Don’t completely ignore these visitors, try to persuade them to take that next step, and you’ll be their top favorite performer from their very first purchase!Green: These are customers who have tokens in their account and give tips to models. You cannot exclude members with a Green status from your chat.
  • Former-Green: These are users were green, but at the moment don’t have tokens in their account. They are used to tipping though, so it may well be that someone does not have the money today, but wants to surprise you tomorrow. So don’t ignore these members either!
  • Gold: These are the members who pay for a Gold Membership and are therefore seen as the heavy tippers. These golden members can also become so-called “Knight”, this is a moderator who can help you as a model in the chat. A Knight can ban a Gray user for 24 hours. Gold users can also send you private messages, so keep an eye out for incoming messages, you don’t want to miss them from these heavy tippers!
  • Analyzing and tracking your performance is the absolute key to increasing earnings. That is why Stripchat provides multiple insights about your visitors and paying users in your personal dashboard. For example, you can see who hasn’t spent money on you in a while and send them a private message to lure them back to your show!
  • Set up an “Offline Status” under “My Profile Page”. This will show a message to users who come to your profile page when you are not online. For example, let visitors know your schedule (when you are online again) or inform them about what they can expect from your next broadcast.
  • Take advantage of automatic Bots, including the “Welcome” and “Tip Reaction Bot”:
  • Welcome Bot: This is your chance to make a great first impression. You can automatically send a personalized message to every new visitor in your room. A greeting, an announcement or even your room rules. You can add up to 6 different custom messages (one for each user type), or you can send the same message to all users.
  • Tip Response: With this Bot you can send an automatic thank you word to users who have given you tips. You can write separate thank you notes for different tip heights. You can also choose whether your comment is visible to everyone in the chat, or only to the user who gave you the tip.


Is it difficult to become a Stripchat model?

Not at all! Stripchat accepts women, men, couples, transsexuals .. In other words, everyone can sign up. Start broadcasting and earn money online! Thick, thin, white, black, it really doesn’t matter. Mind that Stripchat has so many visitors, that there’ll be someone into you for sure! Literally everyone who is 18 years or older can become a cam model on Stripchat. So if you fancy doing this work, just go for it and give it a try. Again, we would like to stress that it absolutely doesn’t matter what you look like. There are so many visitors on Stripchat, that there’s always someone that wants to chat with you. Most of the models on Stripchat are women, but men and transsexuals are also welcome to sign up and start broadcasting.

Does it cost money to become a Stripchat Model?

Registering on Stripchat is and always will be completely free. You never have to pay to be a model. You decide when you want to work and if you don’t want to do it anymore, you can simply stop and delete your account. No costs will be charged for this either. So no strings attached!

Is Stripchat Safe - Stripchat Privacy Tips

We often get the question ‘is Stripchat legit’? We can assure you that the platform is a safe and above all reliable site for camming. They have many extensive options to block annoying customers so that you always feel safe. Also good to know is that you are not committed to anything. You can block countries and provinces, so that no one will run into you who knows you personally. So there is no chance that your neighbor will accidentally recognize you. Also it is allowed to broadcast using a mask, wig or large sunglasses. You can be on cam anonymously!

Is Stripchat legit or a scam?

To be able to start broadcasting on Stripchat you need to prove that you’re 18 years or older. You can only do this by uploading some documents, which you want to be sure of are handled with great care. Even though Stripchat hasn’t been around for that long (the site launched in 2016), they have already won several awards in the adult industry, including “Cam Site of the Year” and “Cam Company of the Year” at the XBIZ Europe Awards. Moreover, they already have over 300.000 registered performers! So yes, Stripchat is completely legit!



I think I’m ready … now what? Yes, if you reached the bottom of this Stripchat review, I’m sure you are ready! Be your own boss and work from the comfort of your home while making some extra money. The link below will take you to Stripchat. Create your account and just give it a try, what have you got to lose?

Join the Stripchat Family and make money from your home by making people happy. Start making money today!

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