Chaturbate is a huge token site where you can quickly earn money online. Both as an amateur and a more experienced Performer. Chaturbate has a worldwide audience and is biggest in America. Get paid for sex by doing live cam shows, private shows and group shows. Earn extra money with your fan club, or by selling erotic photos and videos. Start now!


On Chaturbate you can quickly start broadcastibng for free to earn money as a Webcamgirl. Get paid for Live Chat, Private and Group Shows or sell Sexy Pictures and Erotic Videos. Become a Chaturbate Model and experience it yourself!


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 Chaturbate is a great site to earn money, both for brand new camgirls and the more experienced performers. Get paid for Live Cam Shows, Private Shows and Group Shows and make money with your Fan Club or by selling Sexy Pictures and Erotic Videos. When you first sign up on Chaturbate, you’ll get the ‘New’ status for the first 7 days. This results in many curious viewers. So make sure you this feature wisely, by being online regularly. You will most certainly notice that in your wallet and can build a returning customer base fast and easy!

Chaturbate Top Tip for Beginners: The first 7 days after your Chaturbate Models Account has been approved, your profile will have the “new” model status. This makes you more visible to customers, so you can easily get many new followers and admirers. Make use of your ‘new cam model’ status as much as possible by being online often in those seven days! Start today.


This is your ultimate ‘how to be a camgirl on Chaturbate’ guide! Below you’ll find absolutely everything you need to know before signing up. Follow these steps and you’ll earn money in no-time!


The Chaturbate site is available 24/7. So no matter the time of day, if you feel like broadcasting, simply log in and start Broadcasting. Since Chaturbate has a worldwide audience, there’ll always be customers waiting for you. Just turn on your microphone and webcam to get started. Of course you also need a solid internet connection. The great thing about working on cam sites is that you can always decide for yourself where and when you go live and start earning money. You can register without obligation and as a camgirl you will not be forced to do anything. So be your own boss and determine your own working hours! Sign up now!


Complete your profile with some general information about yourself, for example the color of your eyes and hair, so visitors will find you even faster. In addition, you can also put on some bright colored clothes, or add something interesting to your background (that’ll also be a conversation starter).


Once you are live, visitors will be able to find your show from the homepage or by doing a search query. So make sure you use hashtags and fill out your profile bio with some personal information (hair color, eye color, origin, etc.).


There are many ways to get tips. As a model, you generally receive tips for fulfilling requests from visitors, for example by showing your breasts for an x-amount of tokens. Chaturbate also has a lot of fun games that help you earn more money on cam. You can even get tips for letting viewers control your interactive sex toy! Chaturbate, like Cam4, is a large ‘online strip club’. Everyone can watch and enter your room for free, but everyone can also tip you, even at the same time. This means you are not dependent on just one person! It does mean however that there will be so-called ‘freeloaders’ in your room. Viewers who ask a lot but don’t pay. Do these get annoying? Then you can simply remove them from your chat room! However, always try to keep in mind that there’ll come a day that viewer will actually buy tokens. Were you the kindest to him even when he had no tokens at all? You can sure expect to get his money now!


In addition to the ‘public chat room’ discussed above, there are a number of other types of shows. You can; give a private show where you are paid per minute or give a group show where you sell tickets in advance. At the private show you can also allow ‘voyeurs’, they pay a little less and can only watch, not even chat. You can also turn on various games. You can even get tips for touches via a bluetooth sex toy.

  • Public Chat;Like we said, your public chat is one where everyone can enter your room for free and give you a tip for a request or pay you some tokens simply when they like what they see. Chaturbate also has great Apps (Games) and Automatic Bots, that’ll both help you earn more money. For example, you can automatically greet visitors that just entered your room. Be aware of the color a visitor’s name has. Is it light purple? Then he has tipped at least 250 tokens in the last 24 hours. Is it dark purple? Then he has tipped at least 1,000 tokens in the last 24 hours! That way you always know who to focus on!
  • Private Show; Chaturbate private shows give the performer and the visitor the ultimate one-on-one, cam2cam, experience on the internet. It is a private show, in which the performer and visitor have a separate private chat and where you are being paid by the minute. How much? That depends entirely on yourself, because you can determine how many tokens you want to receive per minute.
  • Spy/Voyeur Show;When you are in a private show, another visitor can secretly peek along as a voyeur! The voyeur can spy on the entire show, but cannot participate in the chat. Again, you can determine the price yourself and you’ll get paid per minute. There’s no limit to the amount of spies, so there’s potentially good money in doing private shows!
  • Group Show; A group show means that you can sell tickets to multiple visitors to access your live show. Only viewers who have bought a ticket can see your show. It is the perfect way to make sure you only give a show to paying viewers.


All tokens you earn will be paid to you in dollars. Go to your profile and simply click on Token Stats to see all of your broadcast history and earnings; go to ‘request a payment’ to get your paycheck! Remember that, in order to be paid, you must be a verified performer (by filling out the ‘Broadcaster Verification Form’). You also must have earned at least $50 to request a payment. You can get paid by Check, Paxum or a regular bank transfer. Payouts take place twice a month. After the 15th and after the 30th. It can then take up to 7 days before the money is in your bank account. As soon as you have arranged a payout 4 times, you can get access to daily payments. Simply submit a request for DailyPayouts within your Token Stats. It can take 1-3 days before you are approved for daily payouts. Daily payments can be requested from Monday to Friday only. You cannot request a payment on weekends and public holidays (including American holidays). Note, a daily payout costs $3.95 extra. If you are not in a hurry, it’s always better to wait until the 16th or 30th! It differs per country which payout method is cheapest. It is often recommended to create a Paxum account. However, if you want to be sure, just contact support and they’ll advice! Of course you can always choose the easiest method; a bank transfer.


Sometimes it is nice to get some extra help and inspiration for your broadcasts. Unfortunately Chaturbate does not offer any coaching. Neither do they have any good articles you can read. They have a ‘Broadcasting Guide’ on a number of topics, but it isn’t that extensive. Our suggestion? Follow the Cam4 Coach Coaching Sessions. Create a free account there, and you can gain advice and useful tips & tricks that you can apply to Chaturbate again. Especially because these two websites are very similar! And don’t forget to visit our blog regularly. We have some great guides and must-know tricks for you in store as well!


On Chaturbate you have several options to earn extra pocket money:

  • Sell photos/videos: The easiest way to make more money on Chaturbate is to sell erotic photos and videos. You can upload multiple sex videos and attach a price tag to each of them (a certain number of tokens). You won’t always be online, but your content will always be available for sale! This way you can earn some extra money without being live.
  • Fan Club: Via your Chaturbate FanClub you can receive a fixed amount per month from ‘a fan’. In exchange, the fan gets access to photos and videos of your choice, that are otherwise invisible.
  • Share a wish list: this is not really ‘extra income’, but it does mean that you don’t have to buy something yourself. Just ask your viewers to buy you your new dildo 😉
  • Prize money: In addition to earning money from tips, you can also earn extra money by participating in competitions! Every month Chaturbate gives away as much as $ 11,000 prize money for top cam models. They do this by giving $10 to the top cam and $ 5 to the second cam every hour! The more visitors you have, the more points you earn. At the end of the hour, Chaturbate calculates which cam model has the most points and gives the top cam $10, the second $5. Every hour all points are reset and the party starts all over again. There is no limit to the number of times you can win. Are you online often enough? Then this can be a nice extra bonus!



  • There are various applications and bots that you can use in your public chat. For example, you can ensure that someone is automatically greeted when entering your chat room. You can automatically thank your highest tipper, show what you will do for tips, inform that you sell photos and videos, etc. In addition, you can set various “games”, so that your visitors are invited to tip extra money.
  • The names of customers can tell you more about their tip behavior. For example, names in light purple,are customers who have tipped at least 250 tokens in the past 24 hours, dark purple represents customers who have tipped at least 1,000 tokens n the past 24 hours. Note: Customers can choose not to show this.
  • It is possible to silence viewers, they will not be able to chat with you for 6 hours.
  • You can block free users (visitors without Tokens) from your chat.
  • You can ban members, which will last for 2 months. Unless you lift the ban yourself.
  • You can choose a moderator. This is someone who will help you moderate your public chat. Is someone annoying? Then your moderator can talk to that person and even act on it by ‘silencing’ that person. In addition, the moderator tells the visitors what to expect when they give you tokens.
  • It is worth going online every hour of the day. Chaturbate is an international cam site. Due to different time zones, there is always a visitor who is looking forward to a Live Sex Show. Note: Do you prefer to talk to visitors who speak a certain language? Then you should add this to your profile!
  • Interactive sex toys are one of the best ways you can earn extra money. You often see models getting tips every single second, just to keep the sex toy going! The toy reacts to tips, so customers are inclined to tip a lot in rapid succession to keep your vibrator vibrating!
  • People can follow you, so they can get an alert whenever you go online. Your followers will receive this message by email. This allows you to quickly get people into your chatroom, even if you just came online. It is therefore important to get many people to follow you.
  • Once your Chaturbate Models Account has been approved, your Room will have a “new” model status for 7 consecutive days. This makes you more visible to customers, so you can easily get many new followers and admirers. Use this “new cam model” status as much as possible by putting in extra hours this first week.


How much do you earn as a model on Chaturbate?

On token sites like Chaturbate, visitors can enter your chatroom for free, often without even having to register themselves. In this free chat box you can appear naked and you are allowed to give sexual performances. You earn money on Chaturbate because people can tip you during your show. 20 Tokens are worth $1 to you (1 token is $ 0.05). In addition to the tips you’ll receive in your ‘free chat’, you can also sell erotic photos and videos. And have you ever thought of selling your thong? It’s possible, people actually pay good money to have those! How much you earn as a camgirl depends on what you do, how different it is from what other models do, and how often you are online. Remember that you always decide for yourself what you do and don’t do. So don’t feel obliged to do something you don’t want at all! Right, enough said, so how much can you earn as a webcam girl? On average, models that just start off, can earn around $1000 and $3450 by working from home, about 3 hours a day. There are cam girls who earn more than twice as much, but they often have been cam model for a little longer and they also put more time into it.

Do you need to have the looks of a fashion model?

The short answer? No. Everyone can become a Camgirl on Chaturbate. However, Chaturbate visitors are used to a certain type of Model. Look around the site for yourself and see if you see a fit. Don’t worry if you’re not too sure, we must say it is always worth giving a try. Chaturbate has so many men who are looking for something different and special, that you just have to come across that specific client you can turn on! So don’t give up too quickly. Put on some sexy lingerie or a kinky leather outfit and let the show begin!

Does it cost money to become a Chaturbate Model?

No, it is completely free to become a Chaturbate model and you’ll be completely your own boss. When you start broadcasting, you are actually the one to receive money from Chaturbate 😉

Is Chaturbate Safe - Privacy Tips

We often get the question; ‘is Chaturbate legit’, or ‘is Chaturbate trustworthy’? Well, yes. Chaturbate has been active in the industry since 2011 and goes to great lengths to make sure you feel safe! They have several tools in place for this:On Chaturbate you are fully in charge of who is able to see your profile. This way you can choose yourself whether or not you want to be visible on the homepage. Do understand that if you turn this off, you will receive way fewer visitors. You can also choose which gender your webcam is visible for: men, women, transsexuals, couples or a combination.

It is also possible to add a password to your webcam profile. You can do this, for example, if you only want existing and known visitors to view you. You can then give your password to these visitors, but remember that by using this, you will miss out on a lot of potential customers as well. In addition, you can also block visitors from certain countries. There is no limit to this, you can simply move countries from the list “possible to view” to “blocked countries”.

Unfortunately there are always visitors who think it is necessary to troll you. That is why Chaturbate offers the possibility to temporarily block visitors you don’t like. If you block a visitor, that person won’t be able to chat with you for 6 hours. If they still didn’t get the message, you can block them for 2 months. That’ll teach them!

You can also give one of your trusted viewers ‘moderator’ powers. A moderator is a visitor who helps you by reminding other visitors of the rules. They may also act against people who do not follow your rules. Moderators are usually visitors you know and treat you with respect. You can assign them yourself as a moderator of your chat.

Is it hard to make money on Chaturbate

Models that are listed high on the homepage generally get the most visitors. When you just start off as a new model on Chaturbate, you will get the status “NEW” for the first few days. This makes your cam stand out and will give you extra attention in these first few days. Even though this can be a bit overwhelming, it is best to be online as much as possible. Having this ‘NEW’ status is a great opportunity to gain a whole lot of followers. You can become popular on Chaturbate by spending a lot of time camming and promoting yourself, by selling videos and maintaining a social media profile. We recommend using Twitter, which is one of the few social media platforms that allows Erotic Content. Earning quick money is definitely possible, but be aware that you’ll need to put in some extra hours in the beginning to build a following. If after a couple of days you still haven’t earned much, don’t worry. We suggest you give another cam site a try, like XCams or XLovecam. They have a different set-up and slightly different audience as well. It may well be the case that you’ll earn big time on one of the other cam sites! Don’t give up too fast!



Signing up on Chaturbate is quick, easy and very simple. You don’t earn per minute for chatting, which means you have to roll up your sleeves a little more, but at Chaturbate you also get bigger returns because of it! The quality of the visitors is generally a bit higher than other Token Cam sites. In addition, you can use different apps and you can see how many Tokens they have by looking at the color of their name, so you know exactly who to pay attention to. Because the cam site has a big international audience, you can work any time of the day, there is always someone who is in the mood for a live sex cam show!

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Chaturbate is a huge token site where you can quickly earn money online. Both as an amateur and a more experienced Performer. Chaturbate has a worldwide audience and is biggest in America. Get paid for sex by doing live cam shows, private shows and group shows. Earn extra money with your fan club, or by selling erotic photos and videos. Start now!


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