BongaCams is one of the largest Sex Cam Communities. Become a BongaCams model by signing up through BongaModels and earn money with sex! Creating an account only takes you 5 minutes. Have sex on cam for a big audience and get paid for sex by thousands of viewers.

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BongaCams is a clean and simple site for the beginner amateur. It works much the same as other Token Sites, such as Chaturbate and Cam4. However, the earnings can be slightly higher once you get the hang of the game of seduction!


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BongaCams is a sex platform on which girls and guys give adult porn shows live on cam for thousands of visitors. BongaModels earn money by chatting with guys and performing sexual activities on cam. What you do as a camgirl or camboy, when you go online, and for how long, is totally up to you!

BongaCams has a separate website where you can register as a camgirl; BongaModels.

BongaCams Top Tip for Beginners: Don’t underestimate the power of the Free Public Chat! Starting a private chat with someone is great, but the best way to make money on BongaCams is through getting tips in the “free chat”. BongaModels earn on average 80-90% in the “free” public chat. Some may think that giving shows in the free chat is a waste of time, but this is not entirely true. Imagine telling your guests that you are showing your breasts for $10. It can (and probably is) too expensive for one person. But if ten members tip $1 each, none of them will spend too much money to see you get naked in front of the cam! By teasing and pleasing your viewers regularly, you can collect tips and make good money without having to “wait” for private show requests! Try it out 😉


This is your ultimate ‘how to be a camgirl on BongaCams’ guide! Below you’ll find absolutely everything you need to know before joining BongaModels. Follow these steps and you’ll earn money in no-time!


Of course you need a computer (desktop or laptop) with either a built-in or seperate webcam. The quality of your cam matters. The better your cam, the higher the quality of your shows, and the more viewers and tips you will get. But before you start investing, just give it a try with your current cam. Of course you also need to have internet access, it’s best to be connected to the cable. To get verified, you first need to upload at least three photos of yourself and fill out the ‘About Me’ section of your profile as much as possible. Explain what your fans can expect from your show. Please note that everything you enter in the “About Me” section of your profile, will be posted on the website and will be there for visitors to see. So don’t provide any personal information here!


The most exciting step the first time you’ll go live is to click that “broadcast” button. Once that’s done, your room will be placed between all Live Models on the homepage and basically viewers can start rolling in automatically. It helps if you have a properly filled out profile, as visitors can then find your room based on their preferences. Either wear something that stands out, or put something interesting in the background of your room. This will make you stand out and can be a great conversation starter!


BongaCams works with a special “CamScore”, which determines the position of your cam on their homepage. The CamScore is divided into 4 different regions: North America, Western Europe, CIS countries & The Rest of the World. A high CamScore ensures the best placement in the overall model list in any of the 4 regions, while a low CamScore will result in a lower ranking on the page. Hundreds of online models must be listed in a specific order on the website, CamScore’s goal is to reward the most active models with the best rank on the site. The default sort order displays top-earning models at the top of the page. Such a sorting order is much fairer than, for example, putting all models randomly or alphabetically on the site. This way, no one gets an unfair advantage because the best position on the site is only assigned to the hardest working models. The score is calculated based on many factors, the most important two being the model’s Token Earnings and the amount of time spent online. The more you work and therefore the longer you are online, the higher your CamScore will be, and thus the more money you will make. A good internet connection is also a must. A model with a poor internet connection is never listed at the top of the page, regardless of how many tokens he or she earns or how much time is spent online. The camscore is automatically updated every 10 minutes.


  • Earn as many Credits as possible. That’s one. The best way to increase your score is to earn more credits (through tips, private, group, full private and voyeur chats, gifts, etc.).
  • Spend a lot of time online. You get extra points for going online every day. If you are gone for more than two days, your CamScore will gradually decrease. Also keep in mind that models are only listed on BongaCams when they are online.
  • Make sure your internet connection is reliable and fast enough for a good quality stream. As mentioned above, models with poor internet connection will never be listed at the top of the page, regardless of how many tokens they earn or how much time they spend online.
  • Promote BongaCams. You get points for every model and paying member you introduce to BongaCams. Models also receive CamScore points for each member who signs up or buys credits while in their Chatroom.


  • Free Chat; You can make money in the free chat by teasing visitors and get them to tip you for special requests. Clearly let your visitors know what to expect when they tip you, so they’ll know what they’re paying for and how much. Since your public chat is free for all members, you will only earn money in this chat if they tip you. Tips usually depend on the show you give as a model. A little teasing and pleasing helps for sure.
  • Private Chat; Users who have Credits in their account can request to have a ‘Private Chat’ with you. You can decide whether to accept or decline the invitation. If you accept the invitation, the visitor will get a show just for him alone. The private chat costs the user at least 30 tokens per minute. This means that if a user spends 10 minutes in your private chat, your earnings will look like this: 10 minutes * 30 credits = 300 credits. A private chat automatically ends when the user runs out of tokens. Both the model and the user can stop the chat at any time. Do you not feel like giving a Private Chat? Then you can choose to turn off “Allow private chat” in your settings.
  • Voyeurs/Spies; When you’re in a Private Chat, other users have the option to spy on your room at a slightly lower rate. For 15 credits per minute, they cannot chat with you, but they can watch. This way you can easily earn some extra money.
  • Full Private Chat; Visitors can also opt for a so-called ‘full private chat’. This is basically the same as a regular private chat, except that it cannot be spied on by other visitors in Voyeur / Spy mode. By switching to a full private chat, the user can be sure that they are the only ones enjoying your show. The full private chat costs the viewer 45 credits per minute. This means that if the user spends 10 minutes in a full private chat with you, you will earn 10 minutes * 45 credits = 450 credits. Full Private Chat will also close automatically if the user is out of tokens or if the model or user decides to end the show.
  • Group Chat; To start a group chat, a user must press the “Group Chat” button in the model’s chat room. A group chat starts once the minimum number of participants is reached (this can be set by yourself in the group chat settings below the broadcast screen). A group chat ends when the last user leaves, or the last participating user is out of money, or the model decides to leave. A model can start a group chat, even if it has only one user, by pressing “Start Group Chat Now”. An unlimited number of users can still participate later. The group chat costs each user 15 credits per minute. This is a lower price than the Private Chat, which makes group shows extremely popular with users. Models can turn off the group chat feature in the settings below the broadcast screen by turning off “Allow group chat”.
  • Tips & Gifts; Members can tip you at any time. Some users leave tips after the show to thank you (while you are already offline), others give tips to get your attention. Remember that tips are a gift and they do not commit you to any particular action in any way. However, if a user leaves a tip, it is common courtesy to thank them for it. Always be very grateful for all the tips you receive, and you will find that it certainly won’t be the last time that visitor has given you something!

All rates per show type:

  • Group Chat 15 Tokens / minute
  • Private Chat 30 Tokens / minute
  • Full Private Chat 45 Tokens / minute
  • Voyeur / Spy Chat 15 Tokens / minute
  • Earnings and Payout Methods


Payouts on BongaCams are made on a weekly basis. There’s a minimum payout amount of at least $50. This shouldn’t be difficult if you have fun interacting with your fans and follow a consistent broadcast schedule. You can request a payout via Paxum, WebMoney or ePayService. On the “Payouts” page, enter the amount you wish to withdraw and press “Request Cashout”. You will then receive the money in your e-wallet within 30 minutes. For each withdrawal request, $1 commission is charged (for WebMoney, the commission is 3% of the total amount you withdraw).


As mentioned before, this depends on how much you are online, how good your internet connection is and how many Tips you’ll receive. As a BongaCams Model you keep more than 50% of the total earnings. BongaCams uses the remaining income to pay its own staff and maintain the website. If you spend a lot of time online and do your best, there’s a lot you can do, especially since everyone in your public chat can tip! Last month, the top 3 earnings were as follows:

  • Catch_Me ($33.537)
  • PinkPanterka ($27.522)
  • MaxineDi ($26.790)

Will you soon earn more than these models? Start today!


On BongaCams you have several options to earn extra pocket money:

  • Hot Mode: When Hot Mode is enabled, your RevShare score will increase by 10% and CamScore winnings will be multiplied by 1.25. Hot Mode is automatically activated after you have been online for an extended period of time. Being online often and for a longer time therefore definitely pays off! In your account and on the broadcast page you will find a personal timer that shows how much time you still need to be online to activate the ‘Hot Mode’. The Hot Mode then lasts until you go offline. When the mode is active, the broadcast page is colored red. At the beginning of a new session, the time counter is reset and starts again to count down until the next Hot Mode activation.
  • Referral link: Make sure other models sign up with BongaModels and you will receive 5% of the earnings for life. And are you bringing in a new paying member? Then you will receive 25% of all his purchases!


  • Make use of the different Chatbots. Chatbots are virtual assistants that automatically take care of some of your work. For example, you can use them to send various automatic messages, thank users for tips, welcome new chat users, block spam, start the token countdown and a lot more.
  • BongaCams has a special BongaModels app, making it very easy to broadcast via your iPhone or mobile. This way you can easily broadcast outside your house as well (please note, always make sure that no one else comes into the picture).
  • It is allowed to broadcast with multiple people at the same time, but make sure that everyone who’ll be on Cam is also verified in your account. In other words, are you going to give a couple broadcast with your partner? Make sure that he or she has also uploaded the necessary documents.
  • BongaModels has a weekly competition in which they give away a whopping $40.000 in total! The great thing is that you participate automatically and can win prize-money by being online often and earning lots of tips.
  • Make a member moderator of your room. They delete unwanted messages, ban those who break the rules, and prevent them from writing in your public chat. You can find the list of moderators you have appointed in the ‘Followings’ section, on the ‘My moderators’ tab. There you can also add new ones or remove existing moderators.


Is it difficult to become a BongaModel?

Becoming a Webcam Girl on BongaCams is not difficult, all you need to know is in this guide! However, you should keep in mind that, no matter how easy it sounds to get paid for online sex, it can definitely be a bit of a disappointing experience the first few times. You are still inexperienced, you don’t know what to do and how to deal with your visitors. Moreover, models tend to earn the most from their loyal repeat visitors. You cannot have a loyal fan after the first broadcast. So just be prepared that you will have to put in some effort at first and get to know your visitors. Making more money with camming is certainly possible, so don’t give up after the first time. It may also be the case that BongaCams just doesn’t quite suit you as a camgirl. Then just try another site, such as Cam4 or XCams.

Does it cost money to become a Bonga Model?

Becoming a BongaCams Model is completely free and without any obligations. If you don’t like it, you are not committed to anything and you can stop whenever you want. You can have an account set up within 5 minutes, so what have you got to lose?

Is BongaCams Safe - BongaModels Privacy Tips

As mentioned before, BongaCams is a very reliable site, and you don’t have to worry about your personal information. In your account, under “Privacy and Security” you can set a GEO block (block certain countries / provinces), arrange your 2-step verification and change your password or manage other privacy settings. Under DMCA protection, you can easily let your visitors know that your chat room is protected with a DMCA security certificate. In addition, you will always feel safe in your own room, because you have several options to silence annoying visitors. You can take away the ability to chat or remove them from your chat entirely. And don’t forget that you are allowed to go on cam anonymously. You are not required to show your face!


It can often be a bit daunting to upload your personal information to a site that up to this point has been completely new to you. However, there’s no need to worry about this. BongaCams has been around since 2012, is based in the Netherlands, and has paid many millions to its Camgirls ever since. They comply with all legislation and are therefore extremely careful with your personal data. BongaCams is not only very careful with your data, but they will also never miss payment. Reputation is everything, especially in the adult industry. Without a good reputation, both visitors and models would walk away from them. In addition, the authorities always keep a close eye on them, which is the case for all the cam sites we discuss here. So in short, yes, BongaCams is safe!



BongaCams is an international sexcam platform where everyone can sign up to become a webcam girl. BongaModels offers an easy to work with platform with excellent payouts. Especially for beginning models, it is an incredibly simple site to get started.

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