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Become XCams Model · The Ultimate XModels Guide


XCams has a clean and straightforward platform to broadcast on and make money with your webcam. A great feature is that you can easily earn an extra 30% by bringing in new customers by sharing your personal link! What also distinguishes this cam site from, for example, Chaturbate & Cam4, is that it really is all about starting a Private Chat. Nudity is not allowed in your public room. Seduce visitors to take you private! The XCams model sign up and login page is called XModels.



XCams Review Summary

XCams is a nice and simple site to get started, with high payouts. Unlike other webcam sites, you get paid per minute and it’s all about the Private Chat. That means you’ll have to seduce visitors in your ‘free chat’ to go private with you!


  • Fair and high payouts
  • Refer customers and earn $$$
  • See useful information about visitors
  • Not many American performers


  • Mostly big in Europe, though steadily growing in America
  • No nudity in public chat allowed

Earn Money on XCams Today!

  1. Sign up
    Sign up on XModels with a valid email address and username. Then confirm the email. None received? Check your spam folder! Start Your First Show Now.
  2. Privacy settings
    Describe the sexual activities you like and what you don’t like doing. Choose whether you want to block a country or deny visitors from a certain distance to your place of residence. You can also hide the country you live in.
  3. Go live!
    Click on Broadcast, verify yourself with your ID / Passport, and start your first show! You’ll be a cam star in no time. We wish you a lot of fun and more earnings!


What is XCams?

XCams is a live sex chat site where visitors’ fantasies and desires are fulfilled by a wide variety of models. To date, XCams has already registered 25,000 cam models! Luckily enough XCams also has a lot of visitors (mainly from Europe). These numbers are so high because the quality of the site is simply very good and they are known as a very profitable and reliable cam site. Of course not all of these models are always online at once, so you’ll be getting more than enough visitors to make good money.

How do I Sign Up for XCams?

Registering to become a XCams Camgirl is quick and easy via their special sign up page for models; XModels. On XModels you will find information about how the platform works and you can register within 5 minutes with a valid email address and username. Filling out your profile takes very little time, as it is way less extensive than on other platforms. You can indicate which languages ​​you speak, tell a little bit about yourself, and indicate “I like”, “I dislike” and “online”. With the first two it is nice and clear to let your audience know immediately what you enjoy doing; is that for example femdom or dirty talking? It is also good to tell them what they do not have to come to you for; think of anal or BDSM. Indicate at “online” how often and when you expect to be online and your visitors will know when they should go to XCams to not miss your show!

To be able to broadcast and earn money as XCams Model, you need to verify to prove that you are over 18 years old. You can arrange your verification by uploading a short video holding your ID / Passport next to your face. That’s how XCams really knows it’s you! Obviously this footage won’t be visible on the website to the visitors! Before you can go live and start earning money with your webcam, you will also have to upload a “safe-for-work photo”; in this picture you are not allowed to appear naked; no nipples, no genitals and no bare ass. In this picture, you are also not allowed to touch yourself in a sexual way. These photos are to tease the visitor, so be sure to leave some room for the imagination!

How does XCams work?

This is your ultimate ‘how to be a camgirl on XCams’ guide! Below you’ll find absolutely everything you need to know before joining XModels. Follow these steps and you’ll earn money in no-time!

Going Live

To become a model on XCams you only need a computer with a webcam (either built-in or an external one you plug in via USB), a fast internet connection and a personal bank account to receive your money! Once you have those, all you have to do is log into your XModels account, click on “broadcast”, indicate that you want to enable Freechat (we’ll dive into that in just a bit) and you can go live!

Stand Out From the Crowd

Complete your profile as much as possible with some general information about yourself. Fill out the color of your eyes & hair and your cup size. Add some explicit, naughty and erotic photos to your profile page. In addition, you can also upload some teaser videos for visitors. This is not mandatory, but we recommend you to make at least one as it is an extra opportunity for viewers to get to know you. If you do not have such a video, they will for sure go to the next girl who has!

Getting an Audience

Once you are live, visitors can find you on the XCams index page or by doing a search query (that’s why you need to fill out as much info on your bio as possible). XCams has a huge number of visitors, so you’ll have visitors coming into your chatroom in no-time. Please do make sure you have the “free chat” option enabled. More on that later. Even though XCams has a lot of traffic of their own, we do recommend to share your personal link (for example on your Twitter) to get visitors directly to your chat. As soon as one of these visitors makes a payment to you, you will receive an extra 30%!

Show Types

Contrary to the Token Sites (Chaturbate & Cam4), XCams does not work with tips but with 3 different Chat Types. The first is the ‘Freechat’. In Free Chat mode, everyone can enter and chat with you for free. The aim of this free chat is to persuade visitors to start a Private Chat or VIP Chat.

  • Free Chat;Visitors can talk to you for free for a limited time. By teasing, you can convince visitors to start a paid private or vip chat with you. On XCams it is not allowed to go naked, or give a full show in the free chat. So this is a huge difference from Token Sites.
  • Private Chat; This is a paid chat for your visitors in which you’ll earn a per minute fee. You can have multiple private chats at the same time. If you have 3 visitors in the same minute you will earn 3 times as much compared to a regular minute. You earn up to approximately $ 0.25 per minute per visitor. If you have 3 visitors at the same time, you will earn $ 0.75 per minute! Private Chat is a great way to get to know your customers and try to push them into a VIP chat!
  • VIP Chat;If a visitor wants to have your full attention, he can ask you to start a VIP chat. A VIP chat gives you some excellent 1-on-1 time. The visitor pays a higher amount per minute to start a VIP chat with you. How high? You can decide that yourself. Prices start at about $ 1.5 per minute.

Earnings and Payout Methods

Log in to your XModels account to get an overview of your total earnings. You can even see this drilled down by customer, so you always know exactly who your most valuable visitors are. You will be paid a fixed percentage per minute; this is 45% of the total expenditure of the visitor. The payout percentages are applied to the amount a visitor is spending on you. To calculate this, XModels takes the average of the different credit packs they offer and remove costs like VAT, payment processing, chargeback risks, etc. This gives them the ‘Average Net Visitor Price’, which is being calculated on a regular basis to reflect price evolutions. Have you referred a customer to XCams by using your personal URL? Then you’ll get an extra 30%! So it is really worthwhile to start promoting your own link on platforms such as Twitter.

Because XCams likes you to use the free chat option, and they see it generally pays off for Models to do so, you will get a 5% lower payout if you don’t use that option. They are convinced that the free chat option gives you a great advantage and is good for their platform too. And let’s face it, it is fun to be able to seduce visitors to a Private or VIP Chat, right? So there’s a clear high payout with a simple system. One slight disadvantage though; the basic rate for your Dutch customers isn’t 45% but 35%! The Netherlands has historically been a very important market to XCams. But this is also a country where all webcam platforms charge lower costs to their visitors. Hence the adjustment.

You can get paid in 3 different ways, via direct transfer to your bank account, Paxum or Epayservices. They pay twice a month, on the 5th and 20th. The payment period 1st to 15th of the month will be paid on the 20th of the same month. The earnings from the 16th to the end of the month will be paid on the 5th of the following month. You can request daily payouts via Paxum and Epayservices.

Earn Extra Money on XCams with these Tips!

Via XModels you have several options to earn extra pocket money:

    • Introduce other people: Do you know someone who would like to register and become a webcam girl or camboy? Introduce them to Xmodels and have them register via your personal URL. From then on, you will receive a bonus on all the minutes this new model earns! You can choose between 2 bonus types:
      > Receive 10% commission on the minutes of the applied model for 12 months
      > Receive 5% commission on the minutes of the applied model lifetime
    • Refer visitors: Earn 30% extra money by bringing in new visitors. If a visitor comes to the website via your personal URL, you will receive a 30% higher payout for all minutes that this visitor spends in your room.


Top Tips for Broadcasting on XCams

  • It is best to use the XModels Streamer, which ensures you’re broadcasting in the best quality possible. By using the XModels Streamer you will also receive a higher score, which will give you a better ranking on the website. A higher position on the website means more visitors, and ultimately more money!
  • By joining the XModels Referral Program you can easily earn some extra money. By having a friend sign up via your personal model URL you get 10% commission on the minutes of that model for the first 12 months or get lifetime 5% commission on all earnings of that model.
  • There is also a XCams Referral Program, for which you get an extra 30% on all transactions completed by the newly introduced visitor.
  • By becoming Model of the month you get some nice extras. During the course of a month, you’ll get promoted by XCams; Your photos will be in two newsletters and your profile will be higher in the search results.
  • If you link your Twitter account to your XModels account, you can automatically have your wall messages posted onto your Twitter account. XCams will automatically add your personal URL to this tweet. You can also choose to automatically add one of your pictures you uploaded to XModels.
  • For every visitor you can see certain information: new, $, $$ or $$$. The ‘new’ status means that the customer has been active on the platform for less than 24 hours. So he is still looking for his favorite models and only needs to be convinced that you are his best choice. The dollar signs indicate how much the visitor spent on average on the paid chat over the past 2 months. $ between 31 and 180, $$ between 181 and 600, and $$$ above 600 minutes.
  • You will have a lot of different customers on XModels. Per customer you can write down notes. This way you will always remember what you talked about, what his or her fetishes are, what they like and what they don’t like. So no need to keep a notepad with you all the time, or to browse through handwritten notes looking for the right person!
  • Create a wish list with gifts that you would like to receive via the special wishlist tool on XModels. Visitors can then buy you presents without ever knowing where you live. Of course you will receive the gifts in neutral packaging.
  • There are few couples to be found on XCams, yet they are in great demand! So take your boyfriend or girlfriend off the couch and give a couples show! That certainly increases your earnings.
  • The last tip is to get paid via Paxum, which is by far the fastest and cheapest!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you earn as a model on XCams?
The percentages you get are calculated on the amount the visitor pays. To get to this amount, XCams takes the average price of the different packs they offer and subtracts several costs: the VAT, payment processing costs, chargeback risk. This gives them an “Average Net Visitor Price”. How much you can earn depends on the time you put in, but this system they set up is quite new and gave m models an opportunity to earn way more than before, since you can get a maximum of 75% of the total spend of their customer! Now you have all kinds of nice extras with which you can earn money (you can read more about this below).
Do you need to have the looks of a fashion model?
Everyone is welcome to sign up on Xmodels.com, regardless of your appearance, gender or age! You can be sure that there’s always a visitor who is looking for someone like you. Of course you do have to be over 18 years old to be able to start broadcasting on XCams.
Does it cost money to become a XCams Model?
Working at XModels is 100% free of charge, there are no registration costs and no other hidden fees. When you work at XModels you are the one that is getting paid! So why not give it a go? In addition, you are also completely your own boss. You decide when you go online and for how long. Do you want to stop completely? That is also possible, you can delete your account at any time, no strings attached.
Is XCams Safe - XModels Privacy Tips
As XCam Model you can cam anonymously by wearing a mask or you can simply not show your face at all. If you don’t have a problem with someone seeing your face, but you’d rather not be recognized when shopping, then you can simply block visitors in and around your place of residence. It is also possible to block entire countries. If you have any questions or complaints, you can always contact the XModels Live Support Chat. This is available 24/7. XModels also has a number of rules you must adhere to in order to protect your privacy as; it is forbidden to promote or discuss prostitution or escort services as a model. Dating a customer is strictly forbidden, even if you only meet with them. Do your customers want to send you a gift? Then of course you don’t want to have to pass him your home address. That is why you can create a special wishlist on your profile of all the products you would like to have. You can fill out your desired delivery address which the visitor will never see! This allows visitors to send you gifts without knowing where you live, because it is all taken care of by XModels! And don’t worry, these gifts get neutral packaging. After you have received a package, the system lets you send a special thank you video. Visitors may also want to call you while in your chat room. To do this, they call a specific number that will be forwarded to your own number. You can enter the number to which you want to be called in your profile under Call image. Again, the visitor will never get to see your number.

Final Judgment XModels Review:

XCams is one of the largest European webcam sites, and is growing in America too. Compared to other platforms, the earnings are generally higher, especially when you refer new customers to their website you can get 75% of their spend. In addition, XCams has one of the best Webcam Streaming Technologies so that your Cam always looks on point. Their website has a clean interface and some very easy and straightforward chat options! On XCams your customer won’t get distracted from what they need to do; pay you! Obviously it is a professional and safe cam platform. In short, very worthwhile for both new and more experienced performers. Just give it a try, signing up is completely free and without any obligations.