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Become Visit-X Model · The Ultimate VXModel Guide

Visit-X is perfect for slightly more experienced models looking to make some extra income online. As a VXModel you can earn money in many different ways. But it is an especially good platform to do split camming on. Want to make some extra money while also being online on other cam sites? Then give Visit-X a try!

Become a Camgirl on Visit-X by signing up on!


Visit-X Review Summary

Visit-X is an adult community with lots of different options to make money online with sex. You will not encounter any ‘freeloaders’, visitors on Visit-X are willing to pay. Besides camming, you can also make money chatting, texting and calling! Many similarities with IsLive, but with a way bigger audience (especially in Germany).


  • No freeloaders
  • Get paid for sending messages
  • Great for split camming
  • Earn money with phone sex
  • Visit-X helps you boost your profile
  • Fair profile ranking system


  • Not the highest payout percentage (50%)
  • Payouts only once every 2 weeks

Earn Money on Visit-X Today!

  1. Sign up
    Sign up with a valid email address and username. Confirm the email from Visit-X. If you haven’t received one, check your spamfolder! Start Your First Show Now.
  2. Privacy settings
    Enter some personal details on your profile, indicate how you would like to be paid and upload your ID. Your account will be approved within 24 hours!
  3. Go live!
    Have fun, you can now broadcast live on Visit-X! We wish you a lot of fun and earnings.


Is Visit-X Legit or a Scam?

It can often be a bit daunting to upload your personal information to a site that up to this point has been completely new to you. However, there’s no need to worry about this. Visit-X has been around since 1998, is based in Germany, and since then has paid many millions to its models. They comply with all legislation and are therefore extremely careful with your personal data. Reputation is everything, especially in the adult industry. The authorities always keep a close eye on them, which is the case for all the cam sites we discuss here. So in short, yes, Visit-X is safe!

What is Visit-X?

VisitX is a European adult community that has been the leading sexcam platform in Germany. Since 1998 it has grown to be much more than just a cam site. In addition to live cams, they have their own porn production, TV channel, several 18+ series, and a magazine! Since they are based in Germany, most of their visitors are German or come from Western Europe. You can make money in many different ways, even if you don’t speak German. Most visitors speak English anyway!

How do I Sign Up for VXModels?

If you want to get started on VisitX, all you have to do is go to their dedicated model signup page ( and fill out a registration form. You will first be asked to verify your email address. Enter your profile details, payment option and upload your ID (this way they know for sure that you are 18+). Your account will be approved within 24 hours. After this you can start earning money right away!


Visit-X Top Tip for Beginners

The higher your chatroom ranks on the homepage of a camsite, the more visitors you will get to your room. And of course, more visitors means more earnings. On Visit-X you can partly control how high you rank on their homepage! There’s several ways to collect ‘ranking points’ to get higher on the index page and in search results.

You can collect 300 ranking points in total. After having registered, you should really take the time to complete your profile as extensively as possible. Upload a profile picture and some extra photos (both ‘Safe for Work’ and ‘Not Safe for Work’), tell us something about yourself; a short biography, your characteristics, hobbies and appearance. Upload videos; at least one non-erotic welcome clip, and one erotic video. These videos don’t have to be long, 30 seconds in which you shortly introduce yourself is more than enough. Take this as an opportunity to tease and persuade visitors to start a private chat.

In addition, Visit-X also awards ranking points for the total time you are online, reviews from your visitors, participation in VX Games (competitions that allow you to receive money and points), and much more!

With a little effort, you can really improve your ranking! Especially if you are going to broadcast in the evening, a high homepage listing is very important. How many erotic chat visitors click through to page 5 or 6? Not much I can tell you!

How does Visit-X work?

Earning Money as a VXModel

Making money on Visit-X is pretty easy. There is technically no free chat on Visit-X, at least not as you may know from other platforms such as Stripchat and Camsoda. I say ‘technically’, because customers can actually get 5 seconds of free access to your room. This ‘live chat preview’ is in place so that visitors can quickly decide if the show you are giving is something they’re into or not. After those 5 seconds, they cannot see you anymore. However, they can still send you 10 free messages to get to know you. After this, they will have to pay to chat or to see you! The different ways to make money as a camgirl on Visit-X are as follows:

Getting an Audience

The most exciting step the first time you’ll go live is to click that “broadcast” button. Once that’s done, your room will be placed between all Live Models on the homepage and viewers can start rolling into your room. It definitely helps if you have a properly filled out your profile, since this will get you ‘ranking points’!

Show Types

  • Cam Shows; Your main source of income as a VXModel will be from giving Live Cam Shows. You can offer private shows and spy (voyeur) shows. It is also possible to start a group show.
  • Answering private messages; On Visit-X you get paid for replying to private messages. Sweet! This works much the same as on IsLive and XCams.
  • Phone sex; Do you have a German, Dutch or Belgian landline? Then you can also offer phone sex! Do you live in another country, or do you no longer have a landline? Then you can simply buy a German Skype number for a small monthly fee, so you can take these calls via Skype. Mind that visitors won’t ever get to see your phone number if you decide to use this feature! Customers call a Visit-X number, which is forwarded to your own phone, making sure your personal information is protected.
  • Sell videos; You can sell videos and photos on your Visit-X profile. You decide how much you want to get paid for a video you post. This way you can also earn money while being offline!

Getting Paid

You get to keep 50% of all your earnings on this sex platform. This may seem low, but 50% is pretty much the average rate for European cam sites. Bottom line is that in the end these payouts don’t differ too much, and it is mainly about the extent to which you can build a regular customer base. Simply give it a try and see whether the Visit-X members are your type of audience!

You can get paid twice a month, as long as you have earned a minimum of €50,-. If you want to get paid before you made that minimum, you will have to pay €10,- as a transfer fee. So it’s definitely better to wait until you have earned at least €50! You will always need to pay 3.7% of your total payout to Visit-X, the advantage being however that you are insured against so-called ‘chargebacks’. If you are paid by a visitor who requests a ‘refund’, Visit-X will pay your customer and you get to keep the earnings. This way, money you have earned is and always will be 100% yours to keep.

There’s several payment options you can choose from:

  • Sepa (EU) bankoverschrijvingen
  • Internationale overschrijvingen
  • Paxum
  • ClubDailyPay

Earn Extra Money as a VXModel with these Tips!

Visit-X has many different marketing channels and can therefore help you boost your earnings enormously! You can register for free to get promoted on all their channels. Simply go to your profile settings and allow Visit-X to use your picture and welcome video for marketing purposes, or contact support and they will help you. Here you’ll find the best tips to earn extra money fast:

    • VXModels Newsletter: To be selected for the Visit-X newsletter, it is important to upload several photos and videos to your profile. In addition, you must also give permission for them to use your material for marketing purposes. Simply go to ‘VX-Tool’ -> ‘Marketing’ -> ‘Marketing actions’ when you are logged into your account.
    • Visit-X Magazine: the VX magazine is a free magazine that is published online on a monthly basis. It informs Visit-X visitors about News, Photos, Interviews, Model of the Month, New Performers, Top Rated Models, and much more! Would you like to be included in the magazine for a full interview? Reach out to support, but before you do, make sure you have uploaded several high-quality photos to your account!
    • Be visible on Visit-X.TV: Do you want your profile to be visible on Dive into the VX-Tool again to give permission. To be admitted to the platform, you will need to have at least one ‘flirt photo’ in your album.
    • Visit-X TV Live Show: Every evening from 11 pm to 1 am there is an interactive show live on Visit-X TV! Do you want to appear on TV for free? Contact support! We highly recommend this, the audience you reach on Live TV is huge! Expect a great spike of visitors in your room.
    • Referral link: Share your personal link and get visitors to sign up. As soon as they start spending money on you, you will receive 50% extra! Are you bringing in a new visitor who pays another model a visit? Then you will receive 20% of all earnings. Nice little extra bonus right!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it difficult to become a VXModel?
Becoming a Webcam Girl on Visit-X is not difficult, all you need to know is in this guide! However, you should keep in mind that, no matter how easy it sounds to get paid for online sex, it can definitely be a bit of a disappointing experience the first few times. You are still inexperienced, you don’t know what to do and how to deal with your visitors. Moreover, models tend to earn the most from their loyal repeat visitors. You cannot have a loyal fan after the first broadcast. So just be prepared that you will have to put in some effort at first and get to know your visitors. Making a lot of money camming is certainly possible, so don’t give up after the first time. It may also simply be the case that Visit-X is just not your platform. Then just try another site, such as Cam4 or xLoveCam.
Does it cost money to become a VXModel?
Becoming a VX Model is completely free and without any obligations. If you don’t like it, you are not committed to anything and you can stop whenever you want. You can have an account set up within 5 minutes, so what have you got to lose?
Do you need to have the looks of a fashion model?
You will be amazed at how many different kinds of people go to Visit-X to watch cams, all looking forward to something special to enjoy! So it doesn’t matter who you are or what you look like. The most important thing to keep in mind is to simply be yourself. That is way more attractive than pretending someone you’re not! In addition, be confident about what you will and will not do on cam. Never do something you’re not comfortable with! Oh, and if you’re not too confident about yourself? No problem, you will become so. You will literally get bombarded with compliments. Just wait for it!

Final Judgment VXModels Review:

Visit-X offers many different opportunities to earn money online. In addition, the platform also helps you in a lot of fun ways to promote your profile. Participate in marketing campaigns, newsletters, or be live on their TV channel! In short, a great way to quickly build a fan base in a short time. The advantages are that there is no ‘free chat’, you are paid (almost) for everything, so there are no ‘freeloaders’ and you’re even getting paid for chatting. The downside is that Visit-X is especially big in Germany. So there are not that many visitors from other countries. Don’t worry however, most Germans speak English perfectly fine.