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Become IsLive Model · The Ultimate ClubIsLive Guide

IsLive is from origin a Dutch Webcam Platform. Especially for new camgirls ClubIsLive is a breeze to get started. There’s clarity about your exact payout, because you earn per minute, and do not have to start a “free chat”. So you get paid right away for every customer joining your chat box! In addition, you can start slowly, by starting with texting, emailing, chatting and calling. Only then to switch to video calling; the “real” live sex cam work! At ClubIsLive you can earn money through your webcam, telephone and / or by sending messages!

ClubIsLive is the Models registration page for IsLive.


IsLive Review Summary

If you don’t feel anything for ‘Free Chat’ functions and difficult Tipping systems you should definitely try our ClubIsLive! For everything you do, you will get paid. You earn a per minute rate for camming, chatting, and for having phone sex. In short, a great and very straightforward Cam Site for the absolute beginner Camgirl!


  • Hight of your earnings very straightforward
  • Get paid for chatting & sms
  • Earn money with Phone Sex
  • Easiest platform around


  • Truly locally focussed (NL, DE & UK)
  • Not many international viewers
  • Payments only once a month for people outside NL & BE
  • Very old looking website

Earn Money on IsLive Today!

  1. Sign up
    Sign up with a valid email address, a username and provide your personal information such as Name, Gender, Nationality and Date of Birth. Start Your First Show Now.
  2. Privacy settings
    Enter a number of details on your profile. Hair color, origin, etc. In addition, indicate whether you want to block a specific region or country.
  3. Go live!
    Click on Broadcast, verify yourself with your ID / Passport, and start your first broadcast! We wish you a lot of fun and earnings!


Is IsLive Legit or a Scam?

The answer to this question is probably one of the main reasons why you are reading this IsLive review. Fortunately, we can say that you can start working at with absolute 100% peace of mind. IsLive is one of the largest Dutch SexCam Platforms. They are definitely not going to risk their reputation. You do not have to worry that your personal information will be exposed in any way. IsLive has a lot of experience in the sex industry (they have been around since 2003) and knows better than any other company how to deal with your data.They are also very reliable when it comes to your payouts.

What is IsLive?

IsLive is one of the largest webcam sex platforms in the Dutch Sex Industry. Although there are foreign Camgirls on the platform as well (mainly from Germany and the UK), the majority come from the Netherlands and Belgium. The good thing about this for international models, is that there won’t be much competition and Dutch viewers all speak English.
Even though it is mostly a live sex cam platform, that’s not the only thing you can do! As a ClubIsLive Model you can also get paid for chatting, texting or having phone calls.

How do I Sign Up for Club IsLive?

Becoming a camgirl on IsLive is really easy and it’s free. You can register directly via the form below, or you can go to the ClubIsLive website; their special erotic job site. If after having read this review you feel like you still don’t know enough, you can head over to ClubIsLive to get some information from them firsthand about camming. As a ClubIsLive camgirl you work from home. Everyone over 18 years old can sign up to become a camgirl on IsLive. From the moment you have registered, it can take up to 2 days before you are approved (they are just checking whether you are really 18+), however they’re often much faster. To be able to know whether you really are who you say you are, you have to provide your name, desired username, address and date of birth. They also need two photos of your identification (front and back). This can be your driver’s license, identification card or passport.


IsLive Top Tip for Beginners

Once you have created an account, you can copy your own “referral” link which you can find in your profile. This is a “promotional link” that you can share on all your social media channels. As soon as someone becomes a customer of IsLive, you will always receive a whopping € 0.29 per minute, even if this viewer starts chatting with someone else! So always make sure you share your personal link when you go online! In addition, it is good to be online a lot, especially in your first weeks, since you get the “new” status. In this period your room will get extra visits because your profile can be found under the “New Cams” tab.

How does IsLive work?

This is your ultimate ‘how to be a camgirl on IsLive’ guide! Below you’ll find absolutely everything you need to know before joining ClubIsLive. Follow these steps and you’ll earn money in no-time!

Going Live

It is quite useful to know what you need to be able to broadcast live on IsLive. With a good webcam (preferably HD), a fast internet connection and of course a computer or laptop, you can get started right away. After having signed up you have to upload a couple of documents to be able to get verified. In the meantime, you can further complete your profile. On your publicly visible profile, you can post information about yourself (hair color, eyes, your hobbies and so on), upload a profile photo and also a couple of sexy pictures and maybe even some erotic videos to tease your visitors. In your profile settings you can also indicate how you want to have contact with the IsLive visitors. Do you only want to get paid for chatting and texting? Do you want to earn money with phone sex? And what about sex camming? Once all that is done, and you have been verified, you can go live! What can you expect? By means of specific questions or requests, visitors will tell you what they would like to see. If you decide to answer their requests, you can get money! And honestly, it really isn’t always just about sex. As a ClubIsLive Model, you can also choose to call without being visible on cam, or to even simply text with someone. These conversations are more often than not normal conversations rather than truly erotic.

Stand Out From the Crowd

To be honest, it is a bit more difficult to lure people into your paid chat compared to other cam sites. Since there’s no free chat but visitors have to immediately pay before they can start talking to you, it really comes down to the pictures and videos on your profile. So at least make sure you have a great quality profile picture!

Getting an Audience

IsLive does all the marketing for you. They have an entire team buying traffic 24/7 and ensuring that people go to their website on a regular basis. In principle, you don’t have to do anything to get visitors. You only have to click on “broadcast” and visitors can flow into your room automatically. IsLive continuously optimizes the site, making it easy for visitors to find you. We always recommend doing some marketing of your own, but more on that later.

Show Types

IsLive is somewhat like XCams and LiveJasmin, where you get paid per minute for sex shows. The big difference is that IsLive doesn’t offer a ‘free chat’ to visitors. Visitors always have to pay to be able to talk to you on cam, or chat with you via a private message. This means you can’t lure them into a paid chat, and visitors really have to find out whether they want to talk to you by looking at your profile picture and reading your bio.

  • Making Video Calls; Also known as sex camming, in which you give a live show in front of your webcam. You will be paid per minute and you will receive € 0.20 per visitor watching you. It is possible to have 5 visitors in your Broadcast at the same time, and thus earn € 1 per minute. Are you also chatting with someone on the side? You’ll receive an additional € 0.20 for this.
  • Phone Sex; You can also call someone without being live on cam, or without even being close to your computer! As phone sex line operator you’ll also receive € 0.20 per minute.
  • Chat, Text & Email; Get paid for chatting! You receive € 0.20 per user per minute. You can do this at the same time as Camming to earn extra money!
  • Full Private Chat; Are you entering a private chat, also called VIP Chat, with a visitor? Then you can focus your full attention on him. You will receive € 0.80 per minute for this.
  • Tips & Cybertoy Tips; Members who are watching your shows, and already paying a per minute fee to be able to see you, can still give you extra tips for special requests or just to show their appreciation. If you have a sex toy connected (such as Kiiroo or Lovense), you can also get ‘CyberToy Tips’ which make your toy vibrate!

Getting Paid

You can easily see your total earnings by going to your personal statistics. Simply login and click on “Statistics” in the menu. You can break down earnings by day, week or month.

If you live in the Netherlands or Belgium, you can simply have your earnings deposited into your bank account three times a month. You are only eligible for this if you have earned at least € 100 within the periods specified down below. If you didn’t earn that minimum, it will remain in your acount for the next period.

  • Period 1 = from the 1st to the 10th of the month.
  • Period 2 = from the 11th to the 20th of the month.
  • Period 3 = from the 21st to the end of the month.

Camgirls outside the Netherlands and Belgium are only paid once a month, on the first work day of the month.

How much does a ClubIsLive Model earn?

Via Clubislive it is definitely possible to earn thousands of euros per month by doing erotic work such as camming! Because on you decide for yourself when and how much you work, you have complete control over how much you earn by working from home. If visitors decide to chat or cam with you, you will generate revenue. It is as easy as that. No free chats with Token Systems. IsLive keeps an accurate record of these revenues. The revenues listed below are revenues per minute and per visitor. So if you are chatting with 10 visitors at the same time, you can multiply the amounts below by 10! The revenue per visitor watching your cam is € 0.20 per minute. The proceeds per message received are also €0.20. Because you can do both at the same time, and can have a chat with more visitors at the same time, you’ll be able to earn much more than just € 0.20 per minute!

Since it all depends on how much you will broadcast, we cannot predict exactly how much you can earn. We have, however, listed the 3 best-earning ClubIsLive models of last month:

  • € 8,174
  • € 6,051
  • € 5,979

Will you soon earn more than these models? Start today!

Earn Extra Money on IsLive with these Tips!

On IsLive you have several options to earn extra pocket money:

    • Recommend a friend to start camming, and you will get 15% of all earnings from the person you referred to ClubIsLive. Easy extra money!
    • Receive Tips & Cybertoy Tips: Visitors can give you tips or ‘cybertoy tips’. You should see this as a thank you because they like you and / or want to control your interactive toy. Visitors can tip you as much as they want. If a visitor tips you in 1x 600 credits, you will earn € 2 extra within 1 second! Visitors have 3 options to tip: 60 credits = € 0.20, 300 credits = € 1 and 600 credits = € 2. So it’s up to you to tempt the visitor to give an extra tip as much as possible. And it certainly pays off to buy a toy that you can connect to the IsLive platform!
    • Promotion: Promote your profile and earn € 0.29 per minute on top of your standard earnings. If a new visitor pays via your link, you will receive an extra bonus / commission of no less than € 0.29 per minute. This is regardless of whether a visitor is chatting with you or with someone else! Consider for example sharing your link on your Twitter page, a personal Facebook page or via Skype, by means of emails or by creating your own website / blog. In short: share your URL wherever you can.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it difficult to become a ClubIsLive Model?
Becoming a Webcam Girl on IsLive is not difficult, all you need to know is in this guide! However, you should keep in mind that, no matter how easy it sounds to get paid for online sex, it can definitely be a bit of a disappointing experience the first few times. You are still inexperienced, you don’t know what to do and how to deal with your visitors. Moreover, models tend to earn the most from their loyal repeat visitors. You cannot have a loyal fan after the first broadcast. So just be prepared that you will have to put in some effort at first and get to know your visitors. Making more money with camming is certainly possible, so don’t give up after the first time. It may also be the case that this cam site just doesn’t quite suit you as a camgirl. Then just try another site, such as Cam4 or XCams.
Does it cost money to become a ClubIsLive Model?
No, you don’t have to pay IsLive anything to use their cam platform. You also do not need any special training. And as we said before, you really don’t have to look like a fashion model. So just sign up. If you don’t like it, you can always delete your account. You are not committed to anything at all!
Is IsLive Safe - ClubIsLive Privacy Tips
As mentioned before, IsLive is a very reliable site, and you don’t have to worry about your personal information. In your account, under “Privacy and Security” you can set a GEO block (block certain countries / provinces) change your password or manage other privacy settings. And don’t forget that you are allowed to go on cam anonymously. You are not required to show your face!

Final Judgment ClubIsLive Review:

IsLive is a great platform if you don’t like the “free chat” feature that XCams and LiveJasmin offer or you don’t like working with a Tipping system such as Cam4, Chaturbate, BongaCams, Stripchat and Camsoda. In addition, you know that once you start chatting on IsLive, you will always get paid! And because you can chat and call with several people at the same time, your hourly wages can quickly add up. You can also earn money as a ClubIsLive model in a slightly more anonymous way by calling, texting, chatting and emailing. Are you ready to take the next steps and show yourself on Cam? Then just start a Live Broadcast. In short, there are tons of options, making it a diverse platform which is ideal for the beginner. If you worry about the audience being to Dutch, and are looking for a bit more kink, go and try our Visit-X. Visit-X works much the same, but has a bigger (international) audience.