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Ultimate Guide Becoming a Cam4 Camgirl


Cam4 is ideal for novice amateur cammers. Starting your show is very easy, and you get great guidance from the Cam4 Coach, completely free of charge, to become a well-paid pornstar fast! Start your career as a Cam4 Model by signing up through



Cam4 Review Summary

On Cam4 it is very easy to get started and earn money with your webcam in no-time. Get free coaching and quickly gather a big audience with your ‘new’ status. Become a Cam4Model and experience it yourself!


  • Keep 100% of your earnings
  • Fast daily payouts
  • Get free coaching
  • Broadcast outside


  • Interface not always user-friendly
  • At times many freeloaders

Earn Money on Cam4 Today!

  1. Sign up on with a valid email address and a username. Confirm the email from Cam4. Didn’t receive it? Check your spam folder!
  2. Fill your profile! Create your public profile; Hair color, origin, etc. This makes it easier for viewers to find you! In addition, indicate whether you want to block a specific region or country.
  3. Click on Broadcast, verify your age, and start your first performance! You’ll be earning money camming in no-time. Have fun!


What is Cam4?

CAM4 is home to camgirls, guys, transsexuals and couples of all shapes and sizes, from slim and athletic to BBW. It is a live sex chat site for men and women from all over the world. There is something for every Kink on Cam4, which is why the site has many and diverse visitors. Anal Cams, BDSM, FemDom and Squirting Cam Shows. It’s all possible, and nothing is too crazy. This makes it the ideal site for new performers.

How do I Sign Up for Cam4?

Cam4 has a separate website dedicated for models to sign up; All you need to get started is a valid email address and a username. Never include personal information in your username, you don’t want anyone to be able to find out your real name.

Cam4Models Top Tip for Beginners

Did you know that Cam4 provides Free Coaching to Camgirls and Camboys? Every week there are 2 Coaching sessions, which you can watch completely anonymously. The CAM4 Coach gives useful tips and helps you on your way how to get around the website. You’ll learn something new every Coaching session, and you’ll also get to know colleague models! During Cam4 Coaching Sessions, you can ask questions that are answered right on the spot. Making more money on cam becomes a breeze. In addition, it is even possible to request a 1-on-1 Coach session, this is also completely free! Ask the Support team, or the CAM4 Coach, directly about the Welcome Bonus program; with this you can earn a lot of extra money and you get an extra push as a Beginner! Becoming a Webcam Girl has never been so fun and easy!

How does Cam4 work?

This is your ultimate ‘how to be a camgirl on Cam4’ guide! Below you’ll find absolutely everything you need to know before joining Cam4. Follow these steps and you’ll earn money in no-time!

Going Live

CAM4 is available 24/7. So when you’re ready to perform, just head to and click on the Broadcast button. You only need to turn on your microphone and webcam to go live. Of course you must also have an internet connection ;-). The great thing is that you yourself can decide where and when you go live on cam. You can register without any obligations and you will never be forced to do anything you don’t want to. Be your own boss!

Stand Out From the Crowd

Complete your Cam4 profile by filling out some general information about yourself. The color of your eyes and hair, your body type, your ethnicity, and so on. If you do so, visitors who are into your type will be able to find you way faster. In addition, put on some striking clothes (bright colors), or have something nice or weird show your background (that also may function as a nice conversation starter!).

Getting an Audience

Once you are live, visitors will be able to find your show through the Cam4 index page, or country and language specific pages (if you didn’t block your home country), or through a search query if you are using hashtags and have filled out your profile bio with some personal information, like; hair color, eye color, languages, body type, etc. Getting an audience is easy as Cam4 does a lot of marketing to get new visitors to their site. It is possible to boost your rankings; spend 25 Tokens to boost your ranking with half of your previous one. Were you ranking 20th? Then you will shoot up to place 10!

Getting Tips

On Cam4 there are many different ways you can get tips. In general, you receive tips for fulfilling requests from visitors, for example by showing your breasts. There are also fun games available to help with this. You can even get tips for letting your dildo vibrate (if you have an interactive vibrator). Cam4 should be seen as a large online strip club. Everyone can watch you for free, but then again everyone can give Tokens as well, even at the same time. At the start of your broadcast you can set a Token Goal, indicating, for example, that you do a Dildo Show at 200 Tokens. That means all your visitors can tip to help you reach your goal. So your income does not solely depend on one person! The result of this free chat system is that there may often be so-called ‘freeloaders’ in your room. Viewers who ask a lot but don’t pay. Do these people get annoying? Simply remove them from your chat room! However, do always try to keep in mind that they may not be tipping you now, but they may in the future. Especially if you keep your happy face up even to the viewers that annoy you.

Show Types

In addition to the ‘free chat’, where everyone can enter and give you a tip, there are a number of different types of shows. In a private show you can go one-on-one with a visitor and you’ll get paid per minute. During your private show you can also allow ‘voyeurs’ to enter. These voyeurs pay a little less and can watch your show without being able to chat with you. In a group show, you can sell tickets to several people at once. As soon as the show starts, a visitor can only see your cam if a ticket has been purchased. You can also enable games such as Throw the Dice to help your public show get going. And don’t forget to invest in an interactive sex toy. These are great money makers as viewers can tip to control your dildo! So in general:

  • Private Shows; Cam4 private shows give you and the visitor the ultimate one-on-one experience on the internet. It is a private show, in which the performer and visitor have a separate private room and chat.
  • Spy / Voyeur Show; When you are giving a private show, another visitor can secretly spy as a voyeur! The voyeur can watch the entire show, but cannot participate in the chat. You will get paid per minute for every voyeur that spies on the private show.
  • Cam to Cam; A Cam2Cam session is a private show where you can also see the visitor. In this case, both your webcam and that of your visitor are on.
  • Group show; A group show means that you can sell tickets to multiple visitors to access your live show. Only viewers who have bought a ticket can see you live. This way you can make sure you only give a show to paying viewers.
  • Free Chat; This is your public chat, where all visitors can see you, and all can tip you at the same time.

Earnings and Payout Methods

You can view all your earnings in your own performer dashboard. You can also choose your payment method and indicate when you would like to be paid. Once you have earned at least 50$ you can quickly cash out via one of the many payment options. 10 Tokens are worth $ 1 to you. Cam4 doesn’t take a percentage of this, they let you keep all your earnings. You can get paid via bank transfer, Crosscard, Paxum, ePayService and Cam4 Tokens. That’s right, you can convert your earned money into Tokens to spend on the site yourself. Have you accidentally clicked ‘convert to tokens’? Just contact support and they are happy to help you revert. Also, you can request payments on a daily basis, unlike many other cam sites.

Training and Coaching

Do you need a little help and inspiration for your show? Cam4 has a pretty extensive Performer Coaching area, written by award-winning coaches. Each article helps you get more out of your shows. In addition, they have 2 weekly coaching sessions which you can attend for free!

Earn Extra Money on Cam4 with these Tips!

There’s several ways you can earn more money on Cam4:

    • Fan Club; receive a fixed amount per month from ‘a fan’. In exchange, the fan gets access to photos and videos you uploaded, that are otherwise invisible.
    • Marketplace; Sell seperate porn videos and erotic photos. You will be paid per product sold.
    • Share wish list; What products do you need? Make a wish list and have one of your viewers buy it for you! This is not ‘extra income’, but it does mean that you can save money on not having to buy something yourself.
    • Gifts; Even when you are offline, a visitor can buy you a gift. This gift will remain visible on your profile page. Of course you also get the Tokens in your account, which is great 😉
    • Earn money with your personal link; Share your own unique link and earn money by bringing in new visitors! Once you have earned your first $100 with regular shows, you can find your unique promotion link in your Profile under ‘Performer Tools’. Promote the link and you’ll get paid per new (free) member who registers!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you earn as a model on Cam4?
On so-called ‘token sites’, visitors can enter your chat room for free, often without even having to register themselves. In this free chat box you can appear naked and you are allowed to give a full sexual performance. Viewers can tip when they like what they see, or when they have special requests. In addition to the tips you make in your public chat, you can also sell photos, sex videos, thongs, sex toys and so on. Keep in mind that it is not mandatory to go fully naked or do sexual activities. You always decide yourself what you do and don’t want to do. There are certainly webcam models who don’t take off any of their clothes or just sit in their lingerie. However, you can imagine most of Cam4’s visitors are looking for a striptease that ends with masturbation, instead of just (dirty) talking. How much you make as a camgirl on Cam4 really depends on how much time you invest into it. The more you are online, the more returning customers you’ll get. Based on Cam4’s average earnings numbers, you could make 20-25$ per hour when you are totally new. However, once your number of fans grow, this can easily increase to $100 an hour!
Do you need to have the looks of a fashion model?
Absolutely not! Looks do not play much of a role on CAM4. Literally everyone can become a Camgirl and is allowed to sign uo. There really is someone for everyone. Every man has his own preferences, and can be even more honest about what they really like online! And the good thing is that they are also willing to pay for it ;-). Do you have a nice fetish yourself? Take advantage of it and let your viewers know! The Cam4Models Community consists of people from all over the world, this makes being a performer interesting for everyone regardless of gender, sexual preference, body type or ethnicity. And did you know there are plenty of performers who make a lot of money without ever showing their face? Chatting anonymously is always an option too!
Does it cost money to become a Cam4 Camgirl?
Absolutely not. Creating an account via is completely free. In fact, you will be the one receiving money from Cam4 ;-). And don’t forget that you decide when and how often you go live. You also have complete control over what you do and don’t do on cam!
Is Cam4 Safe - Cam4 Privacy Tips
Cam4 is absolutely 100% safe to broadcast on. Cam4 is legit and has been around for years! They have several tools and rules to make it a fun place. First of all, you are not obliged to show your face. You can also choose to block the region you live in. Still worry about getting discovered? Then just block your entire country! And again, you can also choose to simply not show your face, wear a wig, sunglasses or mask. Did you know that their Dutch Coach has done that for years and still made a lot of money? Just ask her 😉

Final Judgment Cam4 Review:

Registering on Cam4Models and Becoming a Webcam Model is fast, fun and easy. In addition, Cam4 has a really good support team and gives free coaching sessions given by CAM4 Coaches in EN, NL, IT, FR & DE! You can even request a 1-on-1 coaching session. In short, are you new to the Live Sex Cam world? Then it is definitely worth signing up with Cam4Models!